Schedule Social Media Posts With HootsuiteSchedule Social Media Posts With Hootsuite

Do you think being a community is a good job? Do you know what it is to be aware of the news 24 hours a day? 24 hours! And vacations… do you think that the twitter account of a big brand can be paralyzed for two weeks just because the community has decided to take a vacation? Of course not. But it is also true that the community deserves its vacations. Luckily. Social media posts can be scheduled. If you want to know how. I’ll explain it below. How to schedule social media posts with hootsuite you will have already deduced that the tool that we are going to use for this purpose is hootsuite . You can register for free and start using it. Hootsuite is freemium. Which means it has both free and paid features. With the free account you can manage up to 5 social profiles.

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More than enough if you only have a facebook page cpa email list a twitter account. 1º to add a social network to hootsuite. Click on the add social network button that appears on the top left of the control panel. Add social network in hootsuite add social network in hootsuite2 choose the network you want to add and authorize hootsuite to use your account. 2º now we go to what we want. Which is to schedule publications on social networks. Well. Above you have the option to write your publication (write message). Write a message when you put the cursor on it. The window is displayed. Allowing you to write the publication and add the corresponding link. You can actually put the link in both “write a message…” and “add a link…”.

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But if you do it in the second the link is shortened. Which is recommended. Write message 2 3º on the left. Select which social networks you want the publication to appear on. For example. Here i have DE Phone Number a post to twitter. Facebook and google plus: rrss publication 4º now you click on the calendar icon and schedule the publication at the date and time you want. Once the timing is set. Click schedule . Schedule publication that easy in this way you can schedule the publications in social networks in advance (if you use the pro version you have some more options to make your work easier). You already know how to schedule posts on social networks. As always. I hope the information has been helpful to you.

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