San Fermín running of the bulls in 3D thanks to the Burn Energy Drink cameras

The energy drink has placed in 6 usual corridors of this event, ultralight cameras that record in pairs, independent images that are then integrated to form a 3D image that allows to show from within, what a confinement looks like.
Pamplona, ​​Spain . To enjoy the world famous San Fermines up close, the options until now were, participate (with the consequent risk that this implies) or watch it from outside on television or from the billboards. Thinking about Phone Number List it and with the claim “SAN FERMÍN 2012, SEE TO RUN” the energy drink BURN ENERGY DRINK has placed in 6 usual corridors of this event, ultralight cameras GOPRO3D that record independent images in pairs that are then integrated to form an image in 3D that allow you to show from the inside, what a confinement looks like and the emotions that this implies, but without having to run it.

The images obtained can then be viewed by all those attending the BURN ENERGY DRINK Zone that has been installed in the Paseo de Sarasate in Pamplona and also through YouTube and as part of this campaign that the agency has developed GMR Marketing for the aforementioned brand.

The confinements are held punctually at 8 in the morning and later the images obtained are processed to have them available as soon as that morning, to offer the possibility of seeing a San Fermín confinement Kuwait Phone Number List live from within.

The assembly of the images is carried out in situ in the same morning, so that they can later be viewed through state-of-the-art 3D devices, which allow spectators to live a spectacular experience that brings them closer to the reality of running a confinement without risk. of San Fermín. And in addition, the material is also distributed to the Spanish television channels that carry out the coverage so that they can use it as a complement in their transmissions.

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