10 Rules Of Behavior In Social Networks

Now that day after day we also have breakfast with the umpteenth scandal on twitter of some politician or celebrity. It is good to remember some of the rules of behavior on social networks that should be mandatory to enjoy our stay in cyberspace. Do you want to meet them? Rules of behavior in social networks 1 do not abuse social networks i have friends who. If i didn’t know they work. Would think they spend all day posting nonsense on facebook. This practice is unprofessional (if you are a community) and in general quite annoying for your friends and/or followers. 2 do not ignore anyone if someone asks you a question. Don’t ignore them. Imagine that you ask a guy on the street what time it is and he doesn’t answer you. What face would you have? This rule can be violated if the question is offensive.

Falling Into The Wrong Hands

Use descriptive titles in your posts this rule goes dentist email database for the community. People deserve to know what they are going to find before they click on a link. Misleading headlines can help you get views. But it’s certainly not a practice highly valued in journalism schools. 4 use references make sure that all the statements you make are substantiated. Do not contribute to spreading malicious rumors and do some research before commenting on any news. And if you quote something. Remember to link back to the original post. 5 invite with caution if you want someone to be friends on a social network (facebook. Linkedin…)

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Your Personal Information

Do not send the invitation without first introducing yourself to the person and asking for permission to do so. 6 do not tag people without their DE Phone Number you may look great in that photo you just uploaded to facebook. But your friend is going out with a terrible drunk and he doesn’t want anyone to see that image (let alone being tag). When in doubt. He always asks. 7 don’t be self-centere if you are a brand or company. Avoid talking about yourself all the time. The golden rule says that for every 10 posts. One should be about you and the rest about others. 10 in short treat others how you want to be treated. Reciprocal good manners ensure that facebook does not become forocoches. Given the scarcity of information in the summer.

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