Respect to others

This summer I have been fortunate to be able to enjoy a long period of vacation, in which in addition to resting I have been able to reflect on some topics that I will gradually leave in a series of posts related to some aspects of them. Here is the first one:

When we return from vacation, among the brothers we have the healthy habit of calling or sending an email with a copy to everyone, to know that we have arrived safely.

This time, the welcome has been longer than usual by everyone, because Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List the oldest of my brothers not only spoke to us about the end of summer, but also made us a reflection on some summer experiences and how Spanish society is changing in As for education, customs and customs and unfortunately, it does not matter having spent the summer in the north, center, south, east or west of the country, all of us for one reason or another have witnessed Dantesque scenes that are repeated to our misfortune every day with greater assiduity.

Who has not gone down to the beach and found uncivilized children throwing sand balls or playing shovels next to you, no matter who they may bother? This has always happened you will tell me and it is true, but what did not happen before and now it does, is that the parents look at them from a distance with fun and if you protest, they look elsewhere or even stand up to you if you catch their attention .

How is it possible that every night, from Monday to Sunday, a lot of kids (some of them are not even 14 years old), make a bottle to give an example in “the roundabout” (which is nothing more than that , a roundabout of an urbanization next to the beach), until dawn preventing the rest of the neighbors who have paid a fortune to buy or rent their apartments? They even sleep drunk in improvised places and at dawn, the girls return home barefoot (they can’t stand the heels anymore) and half dressed and nothing happens here … the same children come back the next day loaded with bags of alcohol that nobody knows. who has sold them, to start over. Dad and mom are calm, the children don’t nag

But the worst is yet to come. When at 8 in the morning you put on your sneakers to go to do a little exercise on the beach, a legion of street sweepers are busy collecting the crystals, glasses, plastics and other junk that the sweet kids have been spreading around the peripheral radius through which they have passed.

And what about adults and respecting traffic signs and bike lanes? Yesterday a friend told me on Twitter @ j4vl that we all ask for our rights as pedestrians, but we forget them when we take the wheel. This statement is still true, but there are basic rules of education that directly affect the chaos that is being organized. Pedestrians walk quietly along the bike lanes, preventing cyclists from going safely. Unfortunately, we witnessed an accident that cost the cyclist dearly, that is if everyone put their hands to their heads when they saw him lying on the ground in full resuscitation. When you ask for passage, many turn away and apologize, but many others protest and scold you, it will be possible! If they have their sidewalk to walk, why do they invade the bike lanes?

How many cars have you found on the road or already at the holiday site Phone Number List that do not respect the continuous lines in their overtaking, the zebra crossings, the yields or even the stops? It is a miracle there are not many more accidents.

And finally (although we could continue listing situations) we must observe the jargon, often voiced by young and old at nap hours or at night, without thinking that the one above or below may be disturbed. This is just a question of civility and education and unfortunately it is more scarce every day.

I am not referring to a particular social class, beans are cooked everywhere, each in their own way.

For all this I wonder when we will learn to respect others?

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