Rediscovering Valladolid and Segovia #AVExperience

As I related in my previous post, where our Blog Trip #AVExperience began , we were able to catch the miracle train from Madrid to Valladolid, but the important thing is that we finally arrived on time. In just over an hour we were at the Valladolid station, where they were waiting for us to accompany us to the hotel. After showering after the heat and racing, our route through the city began. We start in the bourgeois neighborhood of Valladolid, where the beautiful Casa del Príncipe is located, Hong-Kong Mobile Database a building built at the beginning of the 20th century and which is located on Calle de la Acera de Recoletos, where curiously we could see how the soldiers rehearsed for their flag swearing , which would be held the following Sunday, the day of the Armed Forces.We visited the Plaza Mayor, the commercial area (without being able to stop to buy anything, a shame), the Church of San Pablo stopping to browse the adjoining building, because they say that in order to baptize Felipe II in this same church, he was removed by the window of this building on the day of his christening to later close it and close it with a padlock so that no one else could go out.


San Pablo ChurchLater we enjoy the old part of the city with beautiful patios, to finish at Señorita Malauva , a place where great and fun wine tastings are carried out accompanied by a magnificent cheese, which some of us ended up buying and which would be part of our luggage to from that moment.Great lightning visit from Victor Gañán @victorganan , fellow speaker at the II Week of Social Networks of Castilla y León organized by CVE, with whom I have a great friendship and to whom I want to thank him for coming to greet us .

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We finished the day with tapas for dinner although @Clara_Soler and I were so tired that we left the male group and without waiting for desserts, we went to sleep to regain strength. At 8:30 in the morning we left for Segovia. It is incredible that in just half an hour of travel, we were enjoying the impressive views of the Aqueduct of Segovia.After passing through the Tourist Office, our tour of the narrow Segovian streets began with the hand of the guide, a very young boy who is not yet very familiar with social networks. I suppose how he must have felt when, as he spoke, we were all taking photos and compulsively using our phones.He told us that the Aqueduct has 120 pillars, 167 arches and that its difference in level between the first and last arches reaches 30 meters. We observed how many roofs have a single layer of tiles (they lack the ones that are superimposed), they showed us the collapsed Roman door and we saw the mountainous alignment that they call the sleeping or dead woman.

Legend has it that the name is given by “the transformation experienced by the body of a maiden who died of lovesickness when her knight left for war, forgetting to fulfill his promise to return to her.”Tired and dead from the heat after visiting the Jewish quarter, we found the warrior’s rest in the Sephardic Stove , a restaurant that belongs to the Hotel Spa La Casa Mudéjar, a Mudejar palace built by the notable Sephardic Jew Rabbi Mayr Melamed in the 15th century and which preserves the coffered ceilings of the time in the dining rooms and rooms.We ate an impressive tapa that was awarded in 2007, made with a base of bread, crumbled lamb and curried aubergine with a delicious peach sauce. After a quick visit to the Brother Cell Phone List , which made us want to stay forever, we began our return to Madrid, to take the AVE to ou

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