Promotion of Lollapalooza 2013 begins

With the launch of this year’s official Lollapalooza video, the promotion of the 2013 version begins
Santiago, Chile.- With the premiere of the official video of Lollapalooza 2012 , the story of this year is closed, giving way to the 2013 version, generating expectations from now on, even though there is still a long way to go to know the line up of the meeting.

It happens that Lollapalooza Chile , advancing its marketing strategy , is inviting you to share this video from its facebook page and in this way, whoever does, will be able to participate in the promotion Luxembourg Phone Number List that will give away tickets for the next version.

The video was directed by Vicente Rogers and has the co-direction of Rodrigo Avilés and the editing of Mauricio Bustamante, while the general production was in charge of Carlos Hammersley who brought together a team of 6 producers to make the audiovisual piece.

The titanic work – it is enough to consider that the recording of the bands was the responsibility of 28 people, 8 cameras and 9 producers on site – of this production, it not only captures images. In its edition, great moments of this year’s version are recorded in such a way that the viewer can “feel” that it was there.

This year, the event had a large number of sponsors including Adidas , Claro , LG and Lego . It also received the sponsorship of Chevrolet and the support of various media, especially Rock & Pop , Horizonte and Futuro radio stations .

Another incentive this year was the Lollapalooza Scholarship, which aims to empower Phone Number List young people with a passion for music and help one of them complete their studies at the Berklee College of Music in Valencia , Spain. The winner received the amount corresponding to the tuition, the stay during a summer program and the meals for that period.

Music is undoubtedly an artistic force that not only moves young people and the general public, but also feeds and gives movement – and a lot – to the marketing and advertising market .

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