Profiles on Twitter: success is in the balance

This morning as soon as I connected, I found the link to the new post by @oliverserrano with a provocative title:

“Do you use twitter as a bulletin board or as a bar counter?”

In it, it makes us reflect on the use that each of us give to this tool and that is why I have decided to share my reflections with you.

Photo on the Learn blog

Twitter is a platform that, like others, each one should use as they like best:

No one can tell us how to use it because no one has the power to do so

The most we can do is comment on it and if we do not like how someone uses it, we simply stop following them or, failing that, if it bothers us too much, we can always block (in a year I have only blocked one user)

There are multiple types of profiles but I will summarize Armenia Phone Number List the three most common:

1.- Its use is only professional: They are limited to launching links, they make RT of the “great glories” and promote their blogs. They give opinions with which they seem to lecture. They say … others assume

They do not answer when they speak to them because they dirty their TL and they believe that if they do so they become trivial, they lose value, therefore they flee from personal contact at least openly.

They tend to have many followers and follow few, that makes them feel more “important” (deep down they love to be considered “gurus” which, unfortunately for them, is not the same as being a guru)

2.- Only personal : All day they talk about personal issues and get involved with everything and everyone who is connected in their TL.

They share their lives with photos, they tell where they are, what they do at all times and what cafeteria, restaurant or place they have visited each day

They spend their time on the platform joking around and they don’t have the time or interest to read or at least share the articles that circulate throughout the day. They don’t usually do RT on professional topics, only on “things or phrases” that they find fun, although on some rare occasion they do RT on whom they consider guru because “it looks good”

They usually have their reference group with whom they share a hashtag and

a) or they do not seek to have too many followers to focus on their group, or

b) they make a tremendous effort every day signing up for lists to get a lot of followers, just for the sake of “showing off” how popular they are

Both one group and the other, I think, lose the true value of this platform, since on the one hand Twitter allows you to both increase your knowledge and share yours and on the other hand it gives you the possibility of meeting people from any social field and profession that undoubtedly enrich you as a person

There is a third type of profile with which I feel much more identified and it is the one that allows us to show ourselves as we are in real life.

3.- They use the tool alternating the professional and personal.

Usually during the week and during the day, they tend to use Phone Number List Twitter in a more professional way. There is so much interesting information on a daily basis that it is better to be focused and attentive to what is published.

For them it is also important to make contributions that can surely help someone.

They tend to RT everything that they find interesting, although sometimes the speed prevents sharing everything they read.

At night and on weekends they try to be more relaxed and focus conversations on more personal topics.

I believe that in life there is time for everything and at least from my point of view

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