Pitchy, a complete and intuitive video creation solution

Today we invite you to discover pitchy , an online video creation solution, whose goal is to allow you to easily generate videos for all your use cases. Based on a system of fully customizable templates, the tool is accessible to everyone, and does not require any technical skills because it was above all designed for non-video professionals. Discover pitchy with a demo models adapted to all your needs to facilitate creation, while retaining a great deal of originality, the platform offers a wide choice of customizable video templates. They allow you to easily create any video format announcement, interview, infographic, product presentation, interface presentation, tutorial, video for social networks… All templates come with a preview video, which gives you a first idea of ​​what your finished video might look like.


A set of features to enhance your videos

When you have found the right graphic style for photo background removing your project, just click on it to enter the editing interface. Video creation from a to z the solution offers features designed. To cover the entire creative process, from video capture to export, including storyboarding, editing, motion design and post-production. You can thus edit your video quickly by juxtaposing the video sequences. It is possible to interchange the position of your sequences at any time, via a simple drag and drop. Pitchy also allows you to add illustration media and keywords to your video sequences to energize the final cut. Picture 1 picthy v2 very intuitive, the interface offers a large number of video sequences adapted to your needs more than 1500. © pitchy very easy to learn, the editing interface allows you to choose customizable video sequences, adapted to your needs.

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A powerful and easy-to-use solution

Each of them is designed for a specific purpose DE Phone Number bring text, bring image, bring video, bring numbers… You can select them by clicking on them in the dedicated library. Which includes all the sequences in the world of graphic style. They all transition perfectly with each other. Fully customizable, you can preview your footage by hovering over it with your mouse in the video creation interface. Motion design and video dressing to allow you to make your. Videos livelier and more attractive, pitchy offers to add motion design sequences. This very popular video animation format is now one of the essentials, and adapts perfectly to all types of video. The tool allows you to integrate these sequences into your creations, by customizing the text, color or visuals used. You are free to rearrange your video as you see fit, and to edit and dress up your footage.

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