Pinterest is doubling its audience in Latin America

The growth of social networks in the region is sustained and interest in new networks is constantly reactivated.
Santiago, Chile.- The latest Comscore report on social networks in Latin America does nothing more than confirm what has been suspected for a long time: our region is the one that has been most involved with these digital tools worldwide. In fact, Latinos over 15 years of age who visited a site of this type last April – the period in which the research was carried out – exceeded 127 million, with an average of 7.5 hours on the web per navigator.

The study also analyzes the behavior of the region with Spain Phone Number List respect to Pinterest, a network that has increased its followers by eight times during the first four months of the year, reaching 1.3 million Latinos at the time of the study. And although it is true, it is no longer possible to talk about new technologies, the dynamics, both of people in their relationship with the networks, and of the constant appearance of social sites, place the market in a more than interesting position, as he points out Chilean Alejandro Fosk , Senior VP of Comscore for the region.

In an analysis carried out by the measurement company, it states that Facebook continues to hold the first place in preferences, with a market that reaches 114.5 million visits, thus increasing its leadership by 37% growth compared to the year previous. In practical terms, one in four minutes online belongs to Facebook. Twitter maintains its second place with 27.4 million visits and is followed by Orkut with 25.7 million visits, almost all from Brazil.

Regarding the growth of the Pinterest network – which allows the publication Phone Number List and sharing of photographs on thematic billboards – the study indicates that interest in this site grew actively, reaching 1.3 million visits in April, which compared to the 153 thousand visitors at the beginning of the year, far exceeds the projection made by the company’s marketing . And while Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina are ahead in their use, Chile has an interesting growth curve that is projected over time.

It should be noted that more than half of the Latino visitors on Pinterest are women. A nice nod for gender marketing .

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