Personal Brand and Online Reputation

For 9 years I have systematically attended Expomanagement and the Seminars organized by HSM ( as a spectator, to listen to the speakers who during all this time have been references in my professional life: Kotler , Fogg, Goleman , Lindstrom … incorporating in recent years to my box of fantastic and inspiring discoveries Spanish speakers such as Mario Alonso Puig , Alex Rovira …

But this is its tenth anniversary . I have not only experienced it as a spectator, but also as a speaker .

Being on the other side, in such a prestigious event, is a privilege for those of us Saudi Arabia Mobile Database who think that this is the most important event held in Spain by … Management was going to say, but now its great value lies in global knowledge, because There are many topics covered over two days of conferences that integrate the on and off.


I want to thank the presence in the room of many friends who were there to support me, also those who did it from a distance and of course all those anonymous people who showed me their interest in the conference and who, as I was commenting at night with @ jjimenez:

“Personal Brand affects us all, among those attending the conference, people from different professions, including a religious one .”

At the conference on “Personal Branding and Online Reputation” , I wanted to highlight the importance of creating a solid personal brand in order to stand out and differentiate ourselves in a complicated world, but full of opportunities, both in job search and in the implementation of the era Gigonomic, where more and more people work not for a single company, as was usual until now, but collaborating on specific projects for more than one company, being in many cases our own bosses, for which our Personal Brand will be very important to the time to select us for a specific project.

We saw how Personal Branding is not only what we do but what we project, our brand is what others perceive of us and how they position us.

But this is not a new concept, we are forging the personal brand throughout our lives, with our way of being, of relating, with our behavior, our professionalism and our actions and in the era of new technologies the effect is exponential, since the opinion that others have of us does not remain in our personal or work environment, but it can flood the network.

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Our content and actions, plus the opinion expressed in the network, will feed our Online Reputation.

Without a doubt, you have to “google” yourself and observe first if we are a “white label” or we really have a name and surname (we appear) and secondly if that name is positively or negatively referenced.

Monitor and create alerts with our name, our keywords (our nick, our blog …), I recommend doing a search exercise, as when we work with a commercial brand (there are many free tools to do so).

Prepare a strategic plan for ourselves, understanding first who we are and facing our weaknesses because we have to know how to sell what we know how to do, what are our abilities, our strengths and put our experiences in value, looking for opportunities.

The online world puts at our disposal many tools so that we can choose those with Brother Cell Phone List which we find ourselves most comfortable and give us greater visibility.

We must offer value, transparency, honesty and professionalism. Learn from those who know but without trying to be a copy, we have to leave our own personal, real and exclusive imprint.

Generating quality content will allow us to position ourselves as specialists in a specific topic and when we get people, blogs and traditional media to refer to us and speak positively about us, we will be on the right track.

And most importantly, create Virtuous Circles around us, both online and offline, because when we give the best of ourselves we receive the best of others.

At Expomanagement 2012 we talked for more than an hour not only about what it is, but also about how we can work on our Personal Brand using new tools, but without forgetting that life and networking is in the real world, which goes beyond a screen.

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