Paving the way to web analytics

Yes, it is true that we have not finished with the first topic (Social Israel Phone Number List  ) of the Hablemos De series , but given the amount of things that have to be organized and the work that comes later, I have thought that it is best to start right now. organize it .This is one of my favorite topics. The more I learn, the more convinced I am of how fundamental it is for any company . As I usually say when I make myself “own”:”Web analytics will be the compass of our companies “Web analytics will be the compass of our companies


The structure that we are following now seems to work quite well. So for the moment I’m going to follow the same scheme :Guest blogger interviews : where bloggers will give us an overview of web analytics .Specific post in which each blogger will be able to expand, talking about a specific topic from the index of topics to be discussed that we decide .Free post at this stage, if  De Phone Number want, they can talk about a topic that is of special interest to them.Summary posts : with all the published posts , I will make a summary in PDF format so that everyone can download and save it “like gold on cloth.But to assemble all this, the fundamental piece that is missing is you. So those of you who are interested in participating , you can sign up by leaving a comment on this post , and / or sending a tweet to my Twitter user using the hashtag I have two people “registered”, although I am going to wait for them to take the step forward, before sending them the email with all the information.

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