How To Find Out The Public Or Private Ip Of My Computer

The ip is a numerical code used to locate any computer or device connected to the network. A computer has a public ip and it can also have a private ip. In this post i will tell you how to find out the public or private ip of a computer. But first i think it is necessary to clarify a couple of concepts. Difference between public ip and private ip the public ip is the one assigned to any device that connects to the internet (which is a public network. Because everyone has access). Instead. Private ips are assigned to devices that are within a home or private network. Public ips are unique. There cannot be two computers with the same public ip. Instead. Two computers can have the same private ip as long as they are not within the same network.

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How to know my public ip? It is not complicated to cto email list out what your public ip is. After all it is not a secret. You can see your public ip simply by going to this page you will see that it is a long and a bit ugly number. And like this page there are a thousand others. So you have it easy. As a curiosity. Web pages also have an ip address (they are stored on a computer called a server). Only to prevent the internet user from having to enter the ip numbers. They have a domain name (such as ) that leads to that address. How to know my private ip? Knowing the private ip is not as straightforward. But it is just as easy. If you have windows.

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Right-click the start button and then click run. In the window that appears. Type this: cmd then click ok. The command console appears. Enter the following command: ipconfig there are a few lines of text. But the one you are interested in is the ipv4 address another DE Phone Number is to open the file explorer or any folder and in the address bar copy the following address: control panel\network and internet\network connections select the network card you use and click on it with the right mouse button. Now choose the status option and the ipv4 address will appear. I personally prefer the first method to find out my private ip. But only because i’ve seen a lot of movies and it seems more hacker-like to use the command console. If you have any questions. Comments are open.

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