One step back

At least since I can remember, I have always been convinced that the role of parents with their children was to educate and raise them as well as possible, so that tomorrow “they would have a better life than ours.”

If I go back to my grandparents (I cannot go back in time because Canada Phone Number List he did not know great-grandparents) they fought to transmit to their children the best of themselves, leaving them as a heritage some principles, a sense of duty, responsibility, respect and some studies, so that tomorrow they could live better than they.

In the same way, in my house those same values ​​were transmitted and with the effort of a father working in two places and a mother taking care of the house and raising us, they managed to raise a large family, also giving us the best studies that we were willing to to do each one.

As they were older, I remember perfectly their satisfaction at seeing six adult children, forming their own families and having achieved the goal that they pursued: that we live better than they did and that we value the effort to make to achieve each thing.

But … what is happening with the new generations? A vast majority of parents in the 90s and surely the ones before and after, we have turned to giving our children everything without asking for any kind of effort in return. Perhaps those things that we one day we had longed for in childhood have come to them fallen from the sky, on many occasions without even asking for it.

What child has not had extra-school activities to learn dance, judo, guitar, languages ​​… or whatever the schools offered us outside of the official rate, of course?

How many Feber motorcycles will have been sold for children of little more than 3 years?

How many kids today have not had a bicycle at home?

What is the average number of consoles per child in these generations?

What adolescent over 12 years old does not have a mobile phone? (maybe even some smaller ones)

How many summers have you been without a vacation?

How many things have we denied them?

I could go on asking one question after another and surely, many of us would agree Phone Number List that these generations have lacked almost nothing.

But the worrying thing is that for the first time, at least it is the feeling that some of us have when we discuss this issue, is that these children are not prepared to face the future as it comes.

It is not a problem of pessimism far from it, it is simply a reflection.

We all know that the world is changing and we are assuming it day by day, but what is complicated is not us, I think we are capable of adapting to almost anything. The difference will come from the quality of life of our children. We have set a bar too high for them to achieve.

Perhaps we have also taught them, unwittingly, that life has no complications,

That money comes out of a wall in which we put a token

That going to the beach in summer is normal and it cannot be otherwise.

That having a home of your own is a right of all citizens

Anyway, for the first time at least in our contemporary history, everything points to the fact that most of our children will live worse than us and no matter how much we give them studies, languages, masters … our goal will stay on the way, but their learning is hard We hope it helps them to try again to fight so that their descendants live better than they do and do not take a step back.

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