On Social Media: Tell the truth and don’t erase it

It shows that we are in summer and the news is still slowing down, so any skid that arises by public figures or brands ends up having an inordinate impact.
In just one week we have had two clear cases of crisis in the network and in both the same error is repeated: deleting the contents.
But let’s go to the cases.
The first Vodafone. Enough has already been written on the subject and I am not going to analyze whether the updates of the brand are appropriate or not, since we have seen in this blog how a CM behaved insulting his fans and they were still so happy leaving positive comments , so you never know (personally I never would but …)
In my opinion the real conflict was generated by deleting the update and blocking a user. When a publication has already been decided and it has received a lot of likes and comments (only four negatives as confirmed by Denmark Mobile Database), the worst thing we can do is delete it, since the fans will not understand it and what It would simply be a negative comment on a wall that can become, as in this case, a ball that ends up sweeping wherever it goes. Simply with an apology and not entering the rag of the comments, the issue would have calmed down by itself as it has happened with other recent updates of the brand (more or less fortunate).


The second case is that of the President of the Community of Extremadura José Antonio Monago @JAMonago, which emerged yesterday and informed me @jlcasal to write this post (thanks José Luis) (photo captured on twitter pending finding the user) I already commented on his moment when the same thing happened to Fátima Bañez, that if your son has taken your cell phone, it is better to say so than to hide it or lie. It has happened to all of us at some point and being anonymous people we can erase whatever we want because nobody will miss it, but in the case of a politician, celebrity or a brand when we want to erase it there will already be a thousand screenshots that will leave testimony of what that we want to hide and it will be much worse.

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In this case, it is not that the update has been deleted, it is that the account has been suspended. How ??? But who comes up with it? Are we so nervous that if we do not know how to face the issue, we not only delete the tweet but also close the account? I said it in my previous post “Politicians need a Social Media course” and it is becoming more and more urgent.
But let’s continue the reflection. All of us who are dedicated to this world are exposed every day to things like the one that happened with Vodafone.
We put in an unfortunate update, someone leaves us a critical comment,Brother Cell Phone List  and we go on.
Stop let’s calm down. Let’s apologize, let’s not get into the rag and let’s not make others turn on too because in the end the topic will end like the rosary of dawn.
And a reading that I apply the first: It seems that we are all jumping to green a colleague .
It is true that there is a lot of intrusion and it is necessary to fight against it, it is true that there is a lot of CM that does not know how to manage an account, it is true that we have to professionalize the sector, but I think that as soon as someone messes up we all jump into the jugular without thinking about the consequences.
Let’s think for a moment that tomorrow could happen to us.

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