Nike places a large interactive canvas to show what is said about the Spanish team players on social networks.

To unite fanaticism and new technologies, the sports brand has placed in Puerta del Sol a spectacular interactive canvas on which messages related to Spanish footballers can be read every day.
Madrid, Spain .- With the celebration of the Eurocup, sports marketing is at its peak in Spain, a country where football has always been important and in these moments more, when its team is the current world champion. So to unite fanaticism and new technologies, the sports brand has placed in the Puerta del Sol of the Spanish capital a spectacular interactive canvas on which you can read Turkey Phone Number List the messages related to soccer players, which appear on social networks.

Nike’s foreign action shows the comments that have previously been selected for meeting the criteria established by the brand in this idea carried out by the DobleYou agency, as part of the global campaign “My Time Is Now”, in which in This case seeks the participation of the large community that the sports brand has in Spain, where it is one of the largest on Facebook, with more than 840,000 fans.

Among other aspects, this canvas will show a ranking of the players who are most Phone Number List discussed on the social network and the daily protagonist will be the one with the highest number of mentions, which can also be seen on the Nike Facebook page. Of all the messages related to the player of the day, two will be selected to be displayed during that day on the interactive canvas of the Puerta del Sol in Madrid.

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