New features for Facebook Pages

I’ve been away for a few days and tinkering around today I discover the new implementations on Facebook pages as mentioned after the renovation of its design.

The first novelty is found when entering Administrators , where a new function called “Administrator Roles” appears that will allow us to grant different permissions to be able to manipulate the fan page, depending on the work that the people involved with the brand have to do.


On the one hand, the figure of the sole administrator or Manager appears , Qatar Mobile Database who will have full powers to do and undo everything that is necessary, the Content Creator who will have all the permissions except managing the page, the Moderator , the Advertiser and the Analyst . In this way, all professionals who at any given time have to access the page to work on it are represented.

These will be the permissions to which we can give access:


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To be able to give the different permissions, we will only have to click on Administrator, but if we have any questions we can always go to Facebook Help and we will find the administrator functions with the answers to the doubts that may arise.


Another novelty that has been introduced is message scheduling.

As with Twitter, from now on we can schedule messages in advance.

Simply entering Status , as if we were to update, a small clock appears at the bottom that when pressed, will request the year, date and time of publication. In this way we will have very easy to update our pages at a certain time if we know that we will not be able to connect.

That is if we do not forget that we may have a response from users and therefore we will have to be attentive to respond in a timely manner.


Little by little Facebook is giving more functionalities to the Brother Cell Phone List  pages and the management is becoming easier and more practical for administrators.

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