Necessary skills to work in social media (in-house) and what is out there.

The first and most obvious, but also the most overrated are skills related to technology and the Internet. Certain notions of web design and programming, and in general, the ability to enjoy multiple and varied software help to feel comfortable using Social Media. They also help us to be productive and have the resources to search for information, archive it effectively and think of new ways in which we can connect with our audience. However, it must be borne in mind that Norway Phone Number List  media is developed to be easy to use and, therefore, whoever is learning to use email today may be handling the most complex client on Twitter the next day.Psychology, sociology and anthropologyIn new media, fashions are born at breakfast, reach their peak at lunchtime, and die at snack time. Faced with this continuous uncertainty, basic knowledge of human psychology is needed to give us a foundation of why one tool is going to succeed (and therefore we have to invest in it) and another is going to fail. Sociological theories of trend analysis or psychosocial analysis of human needs are key to not continually getting on crashing wagons (will Wave be one of them, despite my efforts?)In new media, fashions are born in breakfast, reach their peak at lunchtime and die at snack time. ”

Without a doubt, the analysis of results is the most important part of any Marketing strategy and Social media will be no exception. If CMOs do not require a thorough ROI analysis now as they do with the rest of Online Marketing , they will not take long to do so. Being able to glimpse what measures matter to gauge our success among the thousands that exist and keep track of them to contrast with the resources allocated is vital, although it requires a high level of analysis.Communication SkillsLast, but perhaps most importantly, Social media is entirely about communicating. Or as MarkZuchemberg would say , about “sharing.” Whether it’s a 1,000-word blog post or a 9-word tweet, we need to be great communicators . Speak for those who have to listen to us, not for us and be able to represent the brand that we have proposed in the strategic phase.Once the Social media Manager is hired, we need to commission agencies that bring new ideas and provide knowledge of cases from other industries to collaborate


.When researching agencies it is important to consider the type of agencies we need.In the UK, we can find agencies that do the technological part of our campaign, for example designing a Facebook application with Flex, or designing our blog. We also have the all-terrain agencies that do everything for us, from talking to bloggers looking for coverage to designing your social branding.Social media LibraryIt is unique and different because we believe that De Phone Number Media should be done internally and with the help of experienced PR who have learned the new rules. Therefore, instead of fishing for you, we teach you how to do it (with seminars and our publications) and we give you the rod (databases) so that you can start fishing with your usual agency. This is because we believe so much in the future of social media that we see it as an integral part of the business and not a passing fad or just another form of communication like direct mail or email marketing.Xavier Izaguirre works as a Social Media Analyst at Social Media Library . Its mission is to identify peoplerelevant in the set of social platforms to advise Public Relations in their campaigns. Also, provide intelligence related to tools , processes and best practices in Social Media.

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