My summary of the week: nº 9

Estonia Phone Number List  Browser Size : a new tool that allows us to estimate what content our users see based on the size of the browser window.I think it is an advance over studies on screen resolutions, but like all things, it has its flaws. Thedatais worldwide (there are big differences in the way of browsing) and does not take into account the different ways of loading the page based on the user’s screen resolution (for example: centered at 1280 and left aligned in 1024).Do the test with your blog / website and you will be surprised how small the space that most users see is.


Do you know anything more about the tool?Please leave me a comment and let’s allYesterday my friends Jaime Valverde and Borja Muñoz De Phone Number takeaway com , it occurred to them to throw Dani Seuba, Mau Santambrosio and me the question: What is a brand for you ? The idea is that each one of us write a post, and invite three others to do the same (let’s make a ” meme ” And all this came to them when reading a post by Dani Ponte on ).So here it is . A couple of hours after the challenge, I am already at work (the task was easy).For me it is the set of positive sensations and feelings that experiences with a product / service provoke in you.It is the differential that makes us not consider buying competitive products .Note: I have slightly modified the definition after an indication from vqs(the definition cannot contain the defined concept!)I also leave you a definition that I liked:”A brand isn’t a brand to you until it develops an emotional connection withAfter completing my part of the mission, I pass the ball to Dani Ponte (by allusions), Enrique Burgos and Pedro Robledo .

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