My first year on Twitter

As would say that “How time passes.”

Life can change us overnight, without waiting for it at all and if you survive the attack, surely something good will be waiting for you afterwards.

In December 2008, nothing suggested that 2009 would be a year of absolute change in my life, when it comes to health and work. When you toast the 31st for a good year to come, you do not consider at any time what the future holds and if your daily life will change so radically in a single year.

And thanks to some things and others, in January 2009 I opened my Facebook account , simply in order to find a fun, hobby and contact with my co-workers, friends and family. I have a lot to thank FB for, it kept me connected with reality and work during the two months that my leave lasted and little by little I have been discovering the possibilities of this platform. Then Linkedin and Xing would come (the latter is still my pending subject)

In September 2009 a friend discovered me Twitter and although I have already told in other posts that the first approaches were a disappointment, after a year Twitter is already part of my daily life.

Outsiders ask me insistently what this network is for (they still don’t understand that in a year, it has gone from not having a computer at home, to having a laptop, netbook and iPhone) and my answer is always the same: to be able to understand that is Twitter you have to use it.

And although in the month of April I wrote a post telling how I would describe Twitter , now I summarize what it has served me for during this first year:

Expand my network of Belize Phone Number List contacts with people of all professions and conditions (in my profession many new people meet every day, but the vast majority belong to the same sector and the reach of Twitter is impossible in life 1.0)
Expand knowledge, learning so many things about social media, marketing, computing, art, literature … that it would be impossible to tell in a post, it would give to write a book. Much more valuable than having done a Master
Consolidate and enrich my profession, since communication and PR is the basis of this platform
Stay in direct and permanent contact with the media.
Meet a handful of people who have become personal friends
Help others. It is gratifying to be able to lend a hand in any facet of life, from putting a grain of sand for someone to find a job, requesting blood donations, joining social causes, recommending a product that can help them or simply being there in case someone you need in a downturn.
Of course this last point is reciprocal.

I have received so much love, so much knowledge and so much help Phone Number List when I have requested it, that at least in this first year I can only thank the creators of this platform and above all I pay tribute to all my followers because without them Twitter would be meaningless.

Welcome this first my birthday on Twitter and the first lesson learned, let’s not forget that this platform with all its good things is just a tool that we have to take advantage of for our life 1.0

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