More than 70% of professionals use social networks during their work meetings

A few months ago we were scandalized when we saw that several deputies played with their mobile phones during a plenary session in the Congress of Deputies. However, the incidence of new technologies and, specifically, of social south korea phone number format , is not limited to this sector but is extended to all companies and institutions. This is what emerges from a recent survey carried out by, which indicates that 71% of staff use work meetings to navigate their Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Thus, almost three-quarters of the users analyzed in this work recognized that they check the social networks in which they are present while participating in a work meeting. Among the reasons given by these people to carry out such activities, they highlighted the access to the latest news, the verification of location services and also, why not say it, the sheer boredom of this type of event.

Specifically, according to this survey, more than half of the employees use smart phones and their social networks to find out the headlines of the day before the meeting, although 47% of those surveyed added that they accessed Facebook and Twitter in search of more relevant information for such encounters. In this sense, within the different existing social networks, Twitter is configured as the favorite application to check the status of live events and 28% of those questioned indicated that they even look for information about such events through hashtags (#) during your meetings.

However, despite the fact that the majority of those who acknowledged using social networks during work meetings justified this use for work purposes, 9% were very honest and confessed that they browse such applications during the most insipid moments of the meetings . Likewise, for 99% of those surveyed, playing with smartphones during such encounters was unacceptable.

Behavior on social mediaSimilarly, the research carried out by analyzed the behavior of these workers in the company environment with regard to social networks and most of them (20%) said that while they are present in a meeting they only browse in an application of these social networks integrated into their smartphones. Likewise, 11% of those consulted acknowledged that they surfed in several with the aim of “keeping up to date on everything that happens”.

In parallel, only a minority of respondents said that while using social networks in work meetings they took advantage of these moments to update their status on these platforms and a small percentage, 7%, stood out for recognizing that while attending these meetings they had reached tweet content outside of this.

Along these lines, 3% of the responses analyzed indicated that workers had used company meetings to update their status on Facebook. However, a surprising data is that 1% showed without prejudice that during these they had dared to take selfies and post them on Instagram or Snapchat.

The survey was conducted with a sample of 1,000 workers. Most of them, 97%, said that they kept their mobile phones in the same condition as during the rest of the working day and 95% added that they put their smartphone on silence during these events.

For those responsible for the study, the results show that the survey confirms the incidence of social De Phone Number   in the work environment, as well as the impact that these are having in work environments, increasing from their point of view. “Many bosses may see this as a headache, but in some sectors of technology and marketing, the use of social media in meetings is being actively encouraged,” he concluded.


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