Monopoly Zapped a magnificent example of OFF and ON integration

Many of us do not stop repeating over and over again that today the success of marketing campaigns depends on the strategic plans of integration of media Off and On.
In the same way, brands have to learn that their products have to respond to traditional consumers and attract new technology consumers if they want to continue to maintain their leadership in sales.
Yesterday we had the opportunity to live the evolution Albania Mobile Database  and transformation of a product born in 1903 that, over more than 100 years, has sold millions of units, but which over time could have become obsolete if it was not modernized.
In the brand they have been clear about this concept and have achieved that a game “of a lifetime” not only does not become obsolete but also integrates perfectly into our lives using current technology.
To publicize the new Monopoly Zapped, Hasbro invited journalists from mainstream media, influencers and bloggers (again including professionals from various media) to test the new Monopoly. Beautiful vintage cars (Citroen15) were waiting for us at the door of the Eurostar Hotel in the glass towers of Paseo de la Castellana, symbol of Madrid’s modernity (contrasting with a game from the beginning of the century), to move us to the Urban hotel ( minimalism and present modernity again), where “Mr. Monopoly” was waiting for us to receive us at the door in person.

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He kindly explained to us in a few words how a traditional game takes a new direction thanks to the interaction of the players with an Ipad or an Iphone. The game started in groups of 4 and little by little we were caught in a board game that we have played hundreds of times since childhood, but now using an app, it gives it a new character and makes us feel much more comfortable. We continue to find the same board, the same houses and hotels, but the tickets are converted as if by magic into credit cards for each player that work through the iPad. Brother Cell Phone List With them you identify yourself, buy, sell, mortgages, pay fines or taxes and receive bonuses or prizes.

The boxes are still the same as always, but, for example, to get out of jail, nothing better than playing Angry Birds to make Mr. Monopoly jump over the prison fence, sit him in his sports car and get out buzzing. Lucky boxes, where you have to guess in the trilero style where the coin has been hidden, money that “flies” from the bank to our account, from one player’s card to another, subjects you to tests where you have to compete with a companion like air hockey … Full interaction between players and a strange and pleasant sensation of playing as usual, using the devices we use now.

Without a doubt, Monopoly has reinvented with Zapped a game that is a magnificent example of the integration of OFF and ON and with this they have managed to hook us all again.

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