Microsoft and its HoloLens

Microsoft continues to bet on devices that will forever change the way we use computers / computers, tablets and mobile Germany Phone Number List The subject of virtual reality and augmented reality are a trend, and offer us a new world, which takes us to another dimension no matter where we are. Brands like Sony or the Oculus Rift (owned by Facebook), are working on devices that simulate parallel realities, and as its name says, shortening the distances between fantasy and reality.

On January 21, 2015, during the presentation of the launch event of Microsoft 10 (platform that has the Windows Holographic system ), the company made another announcement: its virtual reality glasses (or glasses), which are called Microsoft HoloLens, a success in the development of new devices for the company. On October 6 of the same year, the HoloLens in conjunction with their XRAY project , a game that turns any room into the most terrifying scene of an alien invasion, made an appearance.

Microsoft and its Hololens

Unlike glasses from other companies, the great advantage of Microsoft and its HoloLens is that it does not need any type of additional connection to another device and that is why it becomes unique and different, bringing with it a change in the use that you we give to technology. HoloLens adapt to real world spaces and are not limited to a closed virtual environment, which is why the experience of each user in particular will be personalized.

It is then that the question arises: Will this be the invention that sets the standard in terms of the development and generation of next technologies? What does the future hold? Only time, and the success of this device, will give us the answers.

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More than a year has passed since we broke the news of the launch. Thousands of videos on You Tube have surprised us with its different applications, we saw how many reviews we found about it, and we even included it in the list of Christmas gifts 2016! All this fervor is due to the fact that they have shown us that it is not just a passing fever, this development takes on a new meaning in our lives, and shows us a great variety of possible uses.

What at first was only considered a platform for games, today it has many other possibilities, from works related to the design of video games, movies and also their uses in the area of ​​education. From now on, with HoloLens, we will see a new world, with a renewed and immersive format. Augmented reality is no longer just augmented, but in some professions, it is already a reality that you see every day. Designers and architects will begin to see their most tangible work, coming face to face with their design, and touring every virtual nook with future homeowners.

We leave you a video where it is shown how Microsoft worked together with Legendary a DE Phone Number specialized in video and comics to achieve 3D production in a completely innovative way.

We envision a new world contaminated with virtual reality advertising, the way of advertising is beginning to change and these new milestones will remain in history, not only in advertising but in the way that technology contributes to new ways of displaying content.

As Bonus track we leave you a special short film that shows a street and public transport, seen with a different perspective.
HYPER-REALITY from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo .

This Japanese director works on a video filmed in Colombia and shows us what the future can be like.I hope this information has been useful to you
Stay tuned with us and always find out about all the news that arises around this great ocean that is called the Internet!

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