Marketing Strategies go through the integration of On / Off media

I have been reading articles in professional magazines for days where they question whether ” the Social Media bubble will burst” or where they give us ” 5 reasons why social media is ruining marketing “.
In both articles there is a part of reason, since neither Social Media is the magic wand for companies to sell, nor are many brands using the tools well, because they have not yet been convinced or have not learned to communicate or because as we have commented on multiple occasions, they have put inexperienced people who are unaware of new communication techniques at the head of their profiles or marketing departments.
But do not be alarmist, personally I would like Canada Mobile Database to go further.


I do not know if the current networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tuenti, Google+, Linkedin … will cease to exist, if a new formula will come out that today we do not know that discards all of the above, but what I am convinced is that in any Marketing Plan it has to have integrated traditional marketing and new social media, be it these or those to come.
If we limit ourselves to selling our clients a strategy where we disregard the conventional media, which they have used with some success so far, to change it for a strategy exclusively on social media, it is very possible that we will fail.
It is true that traditional media are no longer what they were, nor do they have the response of other times, but we cannot deny the evidence that although newspapers have lost many sales and audiences in recent times, they still have many regular readers, especially in Certain targets, in the same way as TV channels, radio stations, billboards, and even brochures, no matter how old they may seem, for some brands continue to work.
It is also possible that some Marketing Directors of large companies that have not yet been recycled, throw stones at the roof of Social Media because it is more comfortable to continue with what they learned when they studied many years ago and if they manage to discredit the new technologies, think that they are They will get rid of having to learn, because knowing they will not know, but just by going around the online world, it is intuited that the work of Marketing Directors is complicated with new tools, if only because they have to interact with consumers, assume network crisis risks and be aware of each account almost 24 hours a day.That is why many of them reach the Management Committees of their Companies transmitting to the General Director that Social Media is a failure and they allude that “it is just a passing fad” that should not be implemented or not given much importance.Canada Mobile Database
In my opinion, using an off / on media mix in our planning will give us a 360-degree vision and although logically many budgets do not allow for great actions, we should not select all social media, as we do not with the media. conventional.
An ambitious integration plan, we can compensate for it by making a good choice of media and obtaining good negotiations with the media, with this the chances of success of our campaign will be much greater.
But let’s not forget, measuring sales results in times of crisis like the current one, will distort the results of any campaign, whether on or off, what happens is that the new media have everything to prove and this is not the best time.
It would be interesting to be able to measure whether X’s campaign has failed because the media has been misused or because citizens do not have the purchasing power to buy that particular product, no matter how much it has impacted them and they like it.
In many cases it is possible that the Brother Cell Phone List  campaign is good, the perfect choice of media, but the result does not translate into sales due to lack of consumer budget.
Therefore, the present and future marketing strategies will go through the integration of On / Off media, although for now we have the sword of Damocles of the decrease in consumption to be able to demonstrate it.

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