Map of Social Networks 2012

Every time we are going to do a job, give a course, a conference or write a book, we go crazy looking for updated data, changing millions of users (yes yes, millions because from one day to the next they inform Uruguay Mobile Database us of millionaire growth in some networks of the most named).

We have to incorporate new platforms and applications because this sector is moving at breakneck speed and what served yesterday today has been changed, expanded or canceled and of course we have to change it.

A good example is the crazed exit of Quora that hardly anyone talks about anymore but caused a sensation in its beginnings, the incorporation of Google + just 8 months ago and now we are celebrating the arrival of Pinterest almost recently launched.

IRedes presented yesterday the new version of the Map of Social Networks in Latin America in which Pinterest will surely be added in the next edition and there will be time for new algae to emerge.

Uruguay Mobile Database

On the map, the Networks have been identified by color depending on whether they are thematic, generic, photography, music, video, geolocation or aggregators.

A magnificent job done by Chiqui Esteban from Brother Cell Phone List , which in fact if he did it today would have to start changing some figures.

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