LookAd: An iPhone application that will make people talk

Last Wednesday my son sent me an email with a link to try a new free application for the iPhone that he had found very interesting.

Today with more time, I have begun to tinker and the discovery is really worth sharing.

It is LookAd an app that we can create mailboxes to receive offers of brands and Tunisia Mobile Database products, but only those sectors that have preselected.


The application is prepared for us to configure our mailboxes according to our tastes or needs, from restaurants, leisure, beauty, health … and the geographical areas that interest us at all times, for example the environments at our home, work, vacation place …

Once you download the application on your iPhone and geolocate yourself, it invites you to configure your mailboxes and you instantly receive a notice (silent) with the first active offers, selected according to our criteria.Tunisia Mobile Number List

A curious detail is that before continuing browsing it shows you a thank you letter for the download, where they explain that they have only been active for a couple of months and already have more than 18,000 available promos .

For businesses it can be a great application, since the cost is very low (€ 4.99 / month with no limit on offers) and offers can be launched from the same application.

After trying it I tried to find more information and when I went to their Twitter profile (they also have a Facebook page ) I discovered with joy that yesterday they awarded an award to this application in @ideateca


A magnificent idea that will surely be very useful to find the best offers and Brother Cell Phone List promotions of our favorite products, in our closest environment.

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