Local SEO: Guide to positioning in Google My Business

Did you know that almost half of all searches on Google are local ? Considering these data, it sure is worth appearing in the first search results with your physical business, right? Well, so that you do not miss any opportunity every time someone looks for something related to your services, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about local SEO (in this post and in episode 43 of our podcast ) to hit it on the SERPs.

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What is local SEO and why is it important?
Positioning factors and data sources
How to optimize the website of a local business
Web architecture
One or more locations and one or more services
Keyword study
Data marking
How to optimize your Google My Business listing
Initial setup
Categories and services
Good practices with photos and videos
Good practices with posts
GMB Statistics
How to get positive user reviews
The importance of mentions on other websites
Analytics in local SEO, how to know if this works
What is local SEO and why is it important?

Local SEO is the set of techniques aimed at increasing the visibility of a web page based on the location of the searches carried out. The goal, then, is for the website of a company that has a physical commercial business or serves a specific geographic area to be found by potential customers who are in that area and perform searches related to that business.

But even though 46% of all searches on Google are local , more than half of marketers haven’t even claimed their business profile on Google My Singapore Phone Number List yet. If you are one of them, and now that you know the importance of appearing in the local pack (local SERP results), find out about the positioning factors that search engines take into account to achieve it.

Positioning factors and data sources

There are several factors that Google assesses to determine which local search results appear first . Therefore, it is essential to know how they affect the most important ones , as well as their relationship between them.

Proximity : the closer a business is to the user’s location, the better. But the closest place is not always the best option, so the location is not decisive.
Popularity : Google will show the most popular location, even if it is further away. Because if you have a lot of reviews, you understand that it is worth highlighting and taking it into account.
Relevance : a business may be close to the user and very popular, but if it is not relevant to the search they have made, it will surely not appear in the results.
But how does Google know where a local business is located? Or how popular is it? And what services does it offer? ¿ Where does Google all this information ? Well, from your website, your Google My Business file, through users, and third-party pages.

How to optimize the website of a local business

Just as an architect doesn’t start building a house from the roof, this advice also applies to local SEO. For this reason, and with regard to the website of the business in question, his is to start by designing the appropriate web structure .

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Web architecture

Organizing the information on our website is important so that it is understandable to Google. And to do it in the best possible way, it is essential to distinguish between active and passive searches . The former refer to queries directly related to business services and activate the local pack in the search results . To work them, the ideal would be to create a page dedicated to each service. An example of this type of keywords is “Madrid digital marketing agency”

Active searches are related to the services of a business and activate the local pack . By contrast, passive demand inquiries are for investigative intent.
In contrast, passive demand inquiries are related to business services in an indirect way, as they have an investigative search intent .

They almost never activate the local pack in the SERPs and, to work them, it is advisable to take advantage of the blog . In contrast to the previous example, a keyword that fits into this type of search could be “best digital marketing agencies Madrid”.

One or more locations and one or more services

That said, the structure of the web will not be the same for a business that has a single location as for another that has several locations (the same is true with the DE Phone Number of services it offers). Although there are many possibilities, what Google recommends is to orient the home page to the brand , although the location and the main service are also named. In this way, you avoid creating similar door pages , an SEO practice that continues to work today.

Keyword study

But before deciding which structure is the most appropriate for each website, it is necessary to know the demand that exists in Google for the services of each business . Thus, the initial keyword study will determine the SEO strategy of the project in question.

But not only do you have to pay attention to the search volume of each keyword . It is also essential to know which words are of active demand and which of passive demand, which ones activate the local pack in search results and which is the competition for the most interesting keywords .

Great. And now that? Well, after doing the appropriate keyword research and determining the structure of the web, Google must be informed of the location of the business in question through different geolocation strategies.

Inserting maps is always a good idea , be it the one from Google Maps or a custom one that includes different locations, if necessary. Just as it is (and a lot) to geolocate the images on the web . How? Well, loading them in GeoImgr and including the coordinates of the location.

Another recommended practice is to link to authority pages on that area , such as the website of a town hall, the navigation route to the point of interest, etc. A good example would be the Google Maps map with the directions to get to Marketing Paradise from the center of Madrid.

Therefore, it is also advisable to generate a geolocated sitemap with Geo Sitemap Generator , upload the KML file to the root folder of the web, and send it through Google Search Console.

Data marking
And last but not least, data markup. Schema’s set of HTML tags allows search engines to better understand the content of a website. In this way, with the structured data of LocalBusiness it is possible to highlight certain specific information , such as the address of the business in question, its opening hours or the opinions of its customers, among other data of interest.

How to optimize your Google My Business listing

It is a business profile for your physical business to appear on Google Maps , both for potential customers who are close to the premises and for those who directly search for the business, the location or want to reach it.

But with the passage of time and the needs that Google perceives about users, it is becoming one of the most relevant direct feedback platforms between clients and companies, since the clients themselves can interact directly with the business and influence its authority and relevance.

Right now we can not only know the location and get there, but there are different options depending on the service offered . For example, a restaurant has options to see the menu, to be able to see the different dishes, to make reservations or even that customers can send a direct message requesting a reservation to the owner. Not bad, right?

For those physical stores with online purchases the options are different. They focus on the products and their categories with different options to make a purchase or contact the store. The hotel sector also has many adapted options , especially to make reservations. It is possible to set dates and see prices, as well as to be able to see the cost from the main platforms to be able to compare. All this, obviously, apart from being able to read customer reviews or see photos that both users and owners upload.

Do you need more reasons to publicize your business and start your local SEO strategy ? Because if it is still not clear to you what its importance is, and all the possibilities of Google My Business, you should listen to this podcast in which we deal with this topic in depth.

Listen to this episode of Paradisers on iVoox , iTunes or Spotify .Initial setup
In order to get down to business and start setting up your GMB company profile , you will need to create an account . If this is the first time, sign up with your Gmail account and fill in these fields:

1. What is your company called?
2. Choose the category that best describes your business.
3. Do you want to add a location that customers can go to, such as a store or office?
4. What is the address?
5. Where is your company?
6. Do you offer your services to clients outside of this location?
7. Add service zones (optional).
8. What contact information do you want to show customers?
9. Finalize and manage this tab.

Once the registration is finished, depending on the business or the competition, the most normal thing is that you should wait for the verification letter to be able to confirm the property in your file . At this point, you can edit the file, but nothing will be published until it has been verified. And now we do begin to optimize the basic aspects within the file.
Categories and services
It is another of the points to take into account within the optimization of the tab. On the one hand, you must choose the categories that best suit your business , which will allow Google to perfectly understand what type of business and sector you belong to.

If you do not know exactly which categories to add, look in the local pack who is the first competitor for the keyword of your niche or business. For example, if your business is a bicycle shop, we can use “mtb bikes” and search directly on Google.

We can see how “Quique Cicle” has the category “Bicycle shop”, so it fits perfectly with your business and you should use it. If we now search for “Quique Cicle” from Google Maps, we discover that its main category is “bicycle workshop ”, but it also appears for the category “bicycle shop” if we search for “mtb bicycles”.

This happens thanks to the assignment of a main category that defines your business or service, and on the other hand, the assignment of secondary categories . If you right-click on the business card and click on “view source code”, you will be able to see all the categories that business wants to attack . Following the example:

[\ ”Bicycle shop \”, \ ”Bicycle rental service \”, \ ”Bicycle workshop \”, \ ”Skateboard shop \”]

In the case of services, it is highly recommended to add them as you have them in your web structure . Apart from the title, you can include a description that you can take advantage of to enrich it with some keywords.

Good practices with photos and videos
Images play a fundamental role depending on the type of business, since good photos can be the difference between converting or not against the competition. Obviously, restaurants or hotels, for example, must take care of this aspect to the maximum .

We recommend that you update original photos as often as possible, that is, those made in the business and that you add titles to the photos using keywords from the services and take care of the size in both weight and format, since they must weigh less than 5 MB and have a size ratio of 900 x 675.

You must apply the same idea of ​​the photos to the videos. If your business can use this resource to increase its visibility and help convert it against the competition, you will be able to upload videos of less than 30 seconds in length, with a maximum size of 100Mb and a minimum resolution of 720.

Good practices with posts
Post and Google My Bussines? Well yes, in our file we have the option of “Publications”, where we can show our latest post, offers, news, events or products. Take advantage of these tools that Google provides us (and many competitors still do not use) to get the most out of it.

For example, we advise you not only to publish your blog post, but also to make offers and advertise services in order to interact with customers . This type of content influences SEO positively because it is new content and where customers can interact. Add the keyword in both the title and the description (between 150 and 300 characters) linking to the service you have on the web.
GMB Statistics
Directly from the Google My Business platform itself, we can access different information and data that are being collected . We are going to mention some of the most important or that cost more to understand, but in each and every one there is an informative note or that links to Google help.

How customers search
It is the first statistic and one of the most interesting . That is, for a period of time (a bit limited since it only lets you choose between a week, a month or a quarter), it informs you about how users have found you. There are three types of results in which your business can appear:

Direct searches : when users search directly for the name of your business and the knowledge pack appears , that is, your complete GMB file.
Indirect searches : when users search for a service or category related to your business and an impression of it is produced. It is usually related to the local pack .
Searches by brand : when users search for something that is not us but our business appears in the local pack .

If we continue scrolling down, we can see other interesting data, such as why keywords users have found us or the number of views from the search engine compared to searches from Google Maps.
Customer actions
We can know the evolution of the actions carried out by users in our business file. This is perfect for setting conversion goals when, for example, you start to optimize your local SEO.You will be able to see how many clicks have been made to your website, the number of requests to arrive and, most importantly, the number of potential clients who have made calls or who have sent messages .Viewing photos
If the interaction with the images is relevant for your type of business , it is worth observing how the visualization of the images evolves with respect to the competition, whether it is photos of the owners or of the users.

How to get positive user reviews

Reviews are a great conversion factor . And it is that they intervene in a substantial way in the decision of users to attend one place or another, or to finally contract the service of a business, according to what other clients have previously commented on it.

They are also (as I have already mentioned) a positioning factor, but how do these reviews have to be to improve the authority and relevance of a business ? Well, the more the better, as long as they are of quality. Their diversity is important for Google to understand that they are natural (and that you are not threatening anyone at gunpoint to leave a review with a 5-star rating). Also, if the user is a local guide , the better.

What matters about reviews is not only their quantity, but their quality and diversity, the speed of their growth, as well as their age.
Likewise, and speaking of naturalness … the speed of growth of the reviews , as well as their age is also very important.

Because there is no use doing a campaign to get a hundred in a month , for example, if after that time no one will write any.
However, they can be ordered (carefully, never in bulk) … But how? Well, to avoid having to call all customers one by one, it is a very good idea to share with them a QR code that can be prepared thanks to this tool: Google Business Review Direct Link Generator . But you can also exchange reviews with other sellers and even buy them, although Google does not recommend this practice.

What is recommended is to answer the reviews left by users (also if they are negative), as well as the questions they ask. And, since we are, if you can include a keyword in those answers , then better.

The importance of mentions on other websites

What is link building for traditional SEO, are links on third party pages for local SEO. That’s how important they are . And, in addition to being a positioning factor, they can be a possibility to attract traffic.
However, whether from generic or other more specific websites or related to the business activity or its location, it is essential that the information they share about the NAP is the same. And it is that the name of the business, its address and telephone must be written in the same way. Thus, Google will easily recognize its location .

Analytics in local SEO, how to know if this works
And after all this work both on the website and on Google My Business, also taking into account user reviews and mentions on third-party pages, how can you measure your performance ? Well, regardless of the Google My Business statistics, what is truly conclusive is the data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

But to be able to access them, it is necessary to parameterize all the URLs included in the GMB company profile from the Campaign URL Builder tool . In this way, it is then possible, directly from GA and GSC, to see the performance of each of them. Once this is done, and taking into account that these tools have a connector in Google Data Studio, it is possible to create a visual report as a summary of all the metrics.

Now, it’s up to you to put all these local SEO tips into practice to reach all those potential customers who are Googling your business or services. Get down to business mastering the SERPs and share these tricks to help other marketers out.

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