Local advertising and national advertising

Any head of province, region or country, regardless of size, needs advertising revenue to survive.

Until years ago, no one thought about the possible survival of a publication that did not also have income from distribution, but the neighborhood gazettes and later the free newspapers arrived and began to “steal” the advertising from the so-called national press. Until then, the latter had not considered serving the local market, whose publication orders reached their coordination departments almost by infused science.

Commercial teams have so far been geared towards large accounts. A region of well-dressed, educated, and well-groomed chic @ s had the daily objective of “visiting” their customers, whether it was the purchasing directors, planners or directly the marketing directors of large companies, but there was no a team in parallel that worked in that other market that so-called local advertising contributed so much to the media.

Once the fact was analyzed, the surprise of the publishers Italy Phone Number List was to discover that only in Madrid more than 30% of the income of some national newspapers corresponded to small clients. From that moment on, the approach was based on analyzing the local market in depth in order not only to retain that portfolio, but also to increase it.

Crucial moment: distribute the market between local advertising and national advertising. Where is the margin that differentiates one client from another? By scope of action? By billing? By sector? Where does it start and where does it end? …. the big questions that gave rise to endless topics of debate and discussion.

There were topics very clearly defined as local advertising: obituaries, classified ads, restaurants, bars, cafes, city museums … but what about the shops? Logically, a store is local advertising, but what if that store is called Hermés, Armani, CH …? What if that store is a car dealership? and if it is a mobile phone dealer?

But we go further, the real estate market or the culture market is local or national? and the official organisms of the locality?

Finally, a consulting firm intervened for being an external observer and came to endorse where the cut should be located between the so-called local clients and national clients.

By definition, a local client is one whose scope of action is limited to the province where it is installed. The objective is the closer the salesperson to the customer. The local client is the owner of the company, in some cases they have a figure in the company as a marketing director, but they are a minority. Difficult problem to solve in large cities such as Madrid or Barcelona since the headquarters of the vast majority of large advertisers are concentrated there.

Official bodies have local advertising treatment, since 90% of their actions are aimed at citizens of their city or community, although they carry out some small action at the national level with any of their councils or councils, such as Tourism. .

Regarding the real estate sector, it was clear that real estate agencies have a range of action practically limited to their autonomous community, since in each one they have their own and even franchisees, they work in parallel in Phone Number List terms of marketing and advertising actions ( although on occasion the brand carries out a common campaign for all). Promoters and construction companies act in the same way, since although their brand is present throughout the country, commercial actions are decided in each of the geographical areas where they have action plans.

Once the markets have been defined and knowing that the so-called national clients are preparing for the new 1.0 and 2.0 market, the questions are:

What will happen to local customers in the age of the internet?
Are you ready for this new scenario?
Can the sales teams make them understand that the communication they were using until now is going to become obsolete in the medium term?
This is a new challenge that we have pending in the media for the transfer from off to on and there are still those who have not found out

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