Linkedin completely redesigns our professional profiles

Again Linkedin is going to change the design of our professional profiles, but this time in a quite radical way.
When we enter the LINK of Linkedin profile , it shows us a totally different image to the current profiles.
If we wish, we can navigate through the new design where it will show us all the news. The photo takes on greater relevance showing a much larger size. Current, previous work and education are highlighted, Belize Mobile Database as well as the number of contacts that are now highlighted (as shown in other social networks)


On the right we will find the photos or avatars of users that we can know and under them we find the profile statistics, but now it includes graphics on the home page without having to click on the link (who has seen your profile and in how many searches have you appeared that we were previously in line graphs) Next in the part of the right under the photo, we find our recent activity, much more prominent than until now. It seems that in this way an attempt is made to increase contact and interaction between users. He continues to show us his professional experience but also with a different font and layout than the previous one. Icons appear to also announce our training and under it our hobbies.Belize Mobile Number List

The areas of interest and the sectors most related to our profile are shown with small boxes as tag clouds. Finally we will find a representation of our contacts including their profile photos as shown by Facebook or Twitter. And this is the final result. If we want to implement it, we only have to request an invitation in the link shown on the page. Without a doubt, Linkedin tries with this change to give it a touch much more similar to general Social Networks, where our personal image, updates, shared information Brother Cell Phone List and our contacts take on a greater role. What do you think of this new design?

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