Let’s Talk Social Media: Interview with MarketingTakeAway.com

Social media is the bar of a lifetime where you meet your friends and other people to talk and share.2.- In your way of understanding, what are the main ones of what we call Latvia Phone Number List  Media?I don’t think there is a “principal”, we are against specific tools. Each person will be wherever their tribe is, what does it matter if it is called Twitter, Facebook or any other name?3.- What are the main advantages / benefits for people and companies?For companies , the main advantage is that it forces them to be natural and transparent. Many companies are not, so it is a real opportunity for them.For people it is an inexhaustible source of possible contacts, both with acquaintances and with strangers.

Or would we know each other if it weren’t for them?4.- What would be the first steps that a person should take to start in Social Media? What advice would you give him?The first step is to enter, if you do not know what it is or how it works, you can hardly even set goals. The objective will come later. If you take it as something methodical or obligatory, you will not get the most out of it.And for a company?In the first place , obviously knowing what you want to enter Social MediaSecond know where people are interested in , customers, opinion leaders, suppliers are. Once you know where they are, you have to know the medium and understand the established norms as well as those that users impose themselves. It is not worth entering like an elephant in a cacharerría, we need the permission of the clients to speak with them, we respect their rules and preferences.
5.- Can you briefly comment on one case of success and another of failure of business strategies in Social Media?


There are many good examples of success stories , and of various types. From companies that enter as a brand to those that do so with people of reference (CEO, managers …). I like what he did Gallina Blanca in the day, the ongoing work of the CAN , how to bring value Mango on Facebook, the app of IKEA on the iPhone …
The biggest failure can be Keteké, there are plenty of reasons. You can’t walk into a party and say yours is better and think that everyone will go with you when no one respects you.
And personal brand?Here is still more. Tristan himself is a good example. Currant, intelligent and collaborative, how do you describe yourself?Some people have positioned themselves very well and then you realize that it is a mere facade, it is the risk of these means. The real success is not in getting them to think well of you, it is, as in good colonies, in short distances. The path is traveled on foot, it is not enough to say that one foot follows another.6.- Main tools for companies and people to develop their presence in Social Media.The main tool is to want to improve. Once you have perfected him, anyone to help you listen to your customers and help them be happier.Although perhaps the one that influences us the most is Digitalmeteo, which even conditions the clothes we take with us on trips.8.- Of these blogs and Twitteros, which post / documents would you recommend?We recommend above all, talking to them. We cannot be left with just one moment. Despite this …Constellation of brands by Mau Santambrosio was a true genius9.- What books would you recommend to someone who wants to get started in Social Media? And the company that is considering launching its SMM strategy?

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