Let’s talk about Web Analytics: interview with Elena Enriquez (II)

As I was reading the question, I was thinking the same thing.Assuming that I am thinking about the KPIs of a campaign and that I measure what happens when the ad (impression) is shown and clicked.And I measure what happens when that click reaches the site, becoming a visit.For a campaign :To see the performancebefore the click turns into a visit, I look at and study the data from the Ad Server :Impressions: times the ad has been shown.Clicks : when the ad is “clicked” by “opening” the site we measure. (the famous “landing page”)CTR : average number of clicks made on the ad. (If you are interested there are very good post with explanations on how the CTR is calculated).In the web analytics tool I study the visits:Visits : study how many clicks have come to enter the siteBounce Rate – How many of those visitors have looked at the first page and left.Average time during the visit : calculate how long it would take for a visit to “read” / ”view” your contentActions : this is already from Master to see if the visit has achieved the objective that you had set for yourself. For example: ask for information, buy, sign up for the newsletter….With all the data I analyze, draw conclusions and give recommendations.7. Many times even having clear the objectives of the campaign, the KPIs that we should control, etc. we have no way of obtaining the data, what should we do?Hire a Sri Lanka Phone Number List
analyst. He / She will help you measure correctly.8. Regardless of the type of campaign we are analyzing, what KPIs should you always keep in mind?For me it is very important to see that the objectives are met. Each site has its own. I will be on alert if I see that the bounce rate is worse than expected. My role is to optimize in detail.9. What characteristics must a good report have?Speak the same languagethan the person who is reading it. This is not always possible because the same report is aimed at different people, with different profiles on the same team. But that is also the job of the analyst, understanding how to reach the people who read their reports, it depends largely on whether their work is heard and actions are taken. A report that nobody pays attention to is a loss of growth opportunities for the company.To remember that analysts are not magicians, but we need our recommendations to be applied in order to improve the site. If there are no changes, there are no improvements.It is essential that the report include recommendations as soon as it begins.10. Landing pages: what characteristics must it meet? When is it advisable to do testing?If you do campaigns, the landing pages have to have the information that the user is looking for and that you are promoting in the ad. Rule 1 : Do not deceive the visitor, if you sell oranges in your ad, let them not come to your site and see that you are selling apples. There will bewho you convince but is not the idea.Rule 2 : Don’t drive them crazy looking for information. Be clear and direct, offer what you promote. And if you want to “put a lot of information” do it but not on the landing page. You can put a link that says “read more”.Rule 3: The animations are very cool but don’t kill your landing page by being really cool. If it takes a long time to load, or it is difficult to understand the message with so much animation, you are losing visits.Rule 4: ….


I don’t have any, when I want to optimize a landing page I look for a good usability specialist and we even created “Focus Groups” to understand how to improve the De Phone Number visit relationship.It is advisable to do testingwhen we begin to see that the objectives are not being met. If the conversion% is very low, if the Bounce Rate is to worry or if we begin to see that our reputation plummets due to user dissatisfaction, it is important to do testing. In any case , every site should be testing that everything works correctly and monitoring its online reputation.An example :You have a site that sells 100% online and you have an online customer service section, with a question and answer section.And at the same time, you have a telephone customer service department for those who cannot find information online.When the telephone customer service department begins to receive dozens of phone calls with questions that could be easily resolved over the Internet and receives calls about “how do I buy this online?”, “What is the customer service email? to the client?”…. uy uy uy something is wrong. It is essential to test and improve.Remember: A site with good usability will cut costs and increase the user experience. Do not drive visits crazy !! Offer them facilities !!As a negative example : Norwegian.no They have such a long homepage that it makes it difficult to navigate .The language selection works when you want, and according to the browser you use.There are so many options that anyone looking needs a manual.Shouldn’t it be easier to buy a plane ticket?In Spain another negative example is Renfe , surely many of us have faced the site.Note: the home page is much longer. I have cut the image so as not to make the post too long! In general, hotels have a big problem when I want to find information about rooms, features and prices.In some sites it seems that they want visitors to play ” seek and do not find .”Examples : I’m still looking for images about the rooms, and it’s not that they aren’t there, it’s that it asks me for a special program that I don’t want to install. If they had an analyst they would be surprised to see how many visits go to the hotel’s photo section. One of the best pages for its navigability and clear information is no11. Imagine that I want to dedicate myself to web analytics, where should I start? And above all, what am I going to find? (good and bad things that you will find throughout your career and a series of tips).


First step :I would start by doing a web analytics course to see if it really interests me.Have a website to measure and test with a tool as powerful and free as Google Analytics.I would buy Sergio Maldonado’s book to reaffirm that I want to be in this exciting world.Second step :Understand that being a web analyst is more than reading a book, taking a course or participating in an event. The best web analysts I know are the ones who don’t think they know everything and keep learning every day.Practice, practice, practice …Find agencies and / or clients that let you measure their site to learn from their examples.Apply to job offers where they seek to train new web analysts (in summer, opportunities usually appear)A web analyst is not only the one who knows how to use the tool. Training and learning other disciplines: marketing, usability, statistics, web programming, SEO, Adwords … The Web Analyst is a combination of specialties. Don’t just stay with the idea that the tool is enough.You are going to find a world where your job title is not understood, your tasks are for many to collect data. Many times you will feel that you are not heard, and it is not that you feel them, it is that it is so, they do not listen to you.I have noticed :Suspicions from other departments (they think we are only talking about% and numbers).Mockery of fellow professionals in the Internet environment (they think that web analytics is useless).A strong feeling that I work surrounded by men (this is real, there is a male majority but the balance is being balanced).My wish is that over time and with our mobilizations in social networks and companies, other professionals realize that: “We are not invisible, on the contrary, we give visibility and viability to online projects.”I think there are great analysts that we don’t see on a daily basis on blogs and social networks, but they are helping web analytics there, they also do an extraordinary job.12. What is your relationship with web analytics? If you are an analyst, how did you get there?I came to the world of web analytics with my job as a Traffic Manager . Before, she had worked as a Web Programmer and SEM campaign manager.I was passionate and passionate about the work of Traffic Manager, but I was missing a leg in my duties to analyze and go over the numbers. I wanted to understand the behavior of visits, segment them, improve the conversion rate and optimize. This is how I got into the world of Web Analytics and Online Strategy.

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