Let’s talk about Web Analytics: interview with Carlos Lebrón

Slovenia Phone Number List  analytics is the name we give to the process of collecting, sorting, classifying and presenting our bosses so that they understand what is happening on and with the websites that pass through our hands. It serves to have a knowledge base when taking actions, be they commercial or of any other type. It also serves to drive anyone who passes by and is interested in our activity crazy What role does web analytics play (and what should it play) within the organization ? What should we do to introduce web analytics in our companies?Web analytics should play the role of the advisor / guide marking a way forward with more chances of success than mere “female intuition”.To introduce web analytics in our companies … it sounds a bit strong, but lately I am more inclined to let them hit the ground running and then say “see, if you had listened to me …” although most likely that will end in the dismissal of the analyst (we are always to blame for everything bad)What should happen for web analytics to finish settling in Spain? Where do we come from and where are we going?

For web analytics to settle, you just have to let (cause) it to become fashionable. The truth is that I am quite pessimistic in this regard, I trust very little that organizations understand anything beyond having many or few visits / impressions. As long as the rule of “maximum income with the least possible work” continues to work, companies will do little attention when we talk about segmentation, long tale, etc.What tools does a web analyst have to do their job? What profile should this analyst have? There are many tools, but what an analyst should really have is his head , his analytical skills and his ability to tell / synthesize what he has found. An analyst must have lived a long time in a “web tribe” to be able to tell others what is happening. From all this it follows (and mud for home) that it must have a very “social” profile, since the object of study / analysis is ultimately people and not machines . But this is not the only thing, the environment where our object of study lives is electronic, with its own rules and regulations, and obviously, you have to know it very well.What are the basic phases that should be followed to launch a campaign? (from when you intend to do it, until the first results report is delivered).Be clear about the objective.Confirm through analysis that the objective is real and interesting.Find out about other similar campaigns: if they have been successful or not, if they have served a purpose, the real work cost that it has involved.Create the campaign and launch it.Study the effects of the campaign: if everything goes well, continue with the plan, if something does not work, review the data, find the causes and modify what is necessary.When the campaign ends: evaluateThe million dollar question has always been, what KPI should I take into account? The answer is always the same: “it depends on your goals .” Could you recommend a series of KPIs based on the most common campaign objectives?The main KPI that I recommend is that the financial balance is always positive. No matter how hard we try, the CEOs want money, and they don’t see that in “you’ve had a thousand visits” they have to see that the money they spend is recovered, because “overall, we can entrust this to google from my nephew, who he really likes computers ”.Many times even having clear the objectives of the campaign, the KPIs that we should control, etc. we have no way of obtaining the data, what should we do?Observing trends, the problem is not that we do not have a way to obtain the data, the problem is that they are hidden in multiple ways that many times it is difficult for us to identify …


Regardless of the type of campaign we are analyzing, what KPIs should you always keep in mind?Did I already say about the pasta? That is basic. Now seriously, what I like is answering who are we? (current state photo) where do we come from? (referers) where are we going? (end of your visits). From these three questions the entire possible report is built …What characteristics does a good report have to have?It has to be short, dense in information and extremely easy to understand. It has to be so visual that not seeing it is a crime and a bad excuse.Landing pages: what characteristics should it meet? When is it advisable to do testing? Could you give us some examples (links or screenshots) of good and bad landings.A landing page must meet the expectations created, only in this way will it get the visit to delve into the web and go to the goal.Imagine that I want to dedicate myself to De Phone Number analytics, where should I start ? And above all, what am I going to find? (good and bad things that you will find throughout your career and a series of tips ).If you want to dedicate yourself to web analytics, you should start by not paying much attention to me (I am a bad influence for you) and start running in the opposite direction … if after this you consider that it is a good idea to dedicate yourself to web analytics, start by documenting yourself a lot (more down in resources you have enough info).Temper your nerves, most of the time you are going to find people who only ask to confirm that their hypothesis is the true … the bad thing is when you tell them otherwise. So the one who is wrong is you and the “damn statistics tool”What is your relationship with web analytics? If you are an analyst, how did you get there?I am a simple fan of web analytics in an environment full of professionals. It is not false modesty is that I do not work as a web analyst (officially). I have come this far because I saw a news story that talked about Google Analitycs and from there everything came rolled … (and now we are as we are).Resources on web analytics:I am not going to put many, precisely the opposite, although they are the entrance door …Blogs :Free question and answer. You can highlight something from your work, blog, etc. or something else that you find interesting.Remember that web analytics, even if you live on the internet, is about people and these often cannot be summarized in numbers and sometimes or predict their behavior, so you should not forget the qualitative part of this whole matter, the speech that emerges from the activity of people on the internet, on your website and ON your website.

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