Let’s talk about Social Media: interview with Xavier Izaguirre

Social Jamaica Phone Number List  are digital media for the purpose of managing (initiating, maintaining, developing, enhancing) social / professional relationships and / or sharing information. In the vast majority, both functionalities are present, although one will dominate the other.2.- What are the main channels?I would like to divide the channels according to their functionalities, starting with this main distinction ( sharing information vs. managing relationships ) and continuing with their ultimate goal (eg, sharing videos)Share informationBlogs , according to theme:Corporate, seeks to meet the objectives of the organization that publishes it, eg. GoogleEditorial, publishes information of a specific interest. It would be the equivalent of the magazine. ex. MashablePersonal, combines personal experiences with topics of interest to the blogger, e.g. Eggsbaconc hipsandbeans Blogs, according to the robustness of the platformHeavy, it allows several programming languages, multiple pages and a greater number of back end functionalities (eg WordPress)Medium. Ideal for journals, personal blogs and niche topics, eg. BloggerLightweight or lifestream. Easy and fast to manage. They allow you to share articles, or multimedia files from email or through a book marklet. They are usually visual and of lighter content (in the number of words, not in the influence), eg. Posterous Microblogging. They attach more importance to the relationships that can be forged. They are fast in communication as the messages are limited to 140 characters. The reference microblog, Twitter , fulfills disparate and extremely useful functions such as trend analysis, CRM, drive-to-web or lead generation. It is a case of extreme simplicity with the greatest functionality. Without a doubt, the sensation of 2009.Social Bookmarks , to save and share links of interest. Delicious News aggregators . Similar to bookmarks, they allow you to add news and vote on it. DiggVideo aggregators . They allow you to share videos and related information. Youtube Presentation

aggregators . To share and broadcast PDF and PPT presentations . Slideshare Photo aggregators-graphic design . They allow you to share photos. Flickr Wikis . They are collaborative spaces to create and edit information related to certain topics in more or less democratic ways. Wikipedia Forums . They are spaces for conversation, rummaging through various topics and subtopics. They are often used to ask questions and get answers. The “question and answer” websites (eg yahoo answers) are a natural evolution of these spaces, quite obsolete.Social relationships General. Users create a profile in which they detail personal information, at their choice. Later, they can be added or known based on various topics or events or interests (pages, groups, etc.). Facebook is the most successful social network par excellence, and with the best prospects for 2010 .Niche-thematic. In this case, users subscribe based on a common interest. Such is the number of social networks that aggregators have already emerged that collect them, eg. ChatterProfessional. In this case, the relationships that emerge are based on professional criteria. Linkedin is a clear example of how to reverse traditional job searches obsessed with supply, faces a vision focused on the capabilities and achievements of the candidate.3.- Main advantages and benefits for people and companies.For people, social media represents a set of advantages in several areas.Establish social and professional relationshipsFor example, having a social media presence can bring wonderful career opportunities (finding a job), social (a fishing buddy), or, who knows, true love. Once these relationships are created (or when they have been created outside of digital networks), social media provides a very convenient way to manage and get the most out of these relationships.They constitute true “Knowledge Centers”Likewise, certain information-centric social media (information networks) provide innumerable learning opportunities. In this way, a certain collection of blogs and Twitter feeds can be the best way to become an expert in any subject.


They allow us to express our personal brandAlso, although already beginning to dilute the border between the person and the brand, social media allows us to expose our entire portfolio of our work and skills in order to be contacted. In short, they allow us to express our “personal brand” and offer it to others.Are funny Lastly, social media is a fun way to hang out and communicate with people we care about. Undeniably, they are fun, which explains much of their success.As for companies, the advantages grow exponentially, covering areas that support and help various areas such as sales, reputation, corporate communication, online marketing, human resources and a long etcetera. Allow me to analyze it more broadly, although sticking to the area of ​​communications and marketing.Increase sales and generate new businessIn the first place, and the reason why Social Media budgets already exceed 7 figures, Social Media can and should generate new business and increase sales. The classic example is Dell , but the truth is, in general, Social Media is increasing its usefulness in sales, lead generation and increased customer value for all types and sizes of companies.

Customer services and stakeholder managementIn addition, as with people, De Phone Number Media offers a powerful way to manage relationships with customers and stakeholders. Twitter is a great example of how to be in contact with our clients, provide a great service or work dynamics in real time. It also allows us to go further, finding true fans and advocates that can greatly benefit the objectives of the company.Online Reputation Management and SEOFor older people, an area in which social media has shown great potential is Online Reputation Management and SEO. On the one hand, the presence on social platforms allows us to expose ourselves to the world under different lights (with opinions on blogs, videos on YouTube, presentations on Slideshare, etc.) that give a comprehensive and positive vision of our online business activity. And already put, they can bury any unfortunate comments to the much-forgotten second page of Google. But be careful, Social Media does not serve to hide the dirty laundry. In fact, it is more likely that it will end up bringing them to light. In terms of SEO, the aggregation of relevant and demanded content allows us to climb positions in various search engines, putting our services or products in the lead.

Knowledge centerIn knowledge-based industries (marketing without going any further), monitoring the information networks will allow us to keep up to date with the advances of our industry and increase our learning opportunities. With Social Media we can discover, share, organize and save documents and articles of vital importance for our company to take the lead (and not our competitors)Consumer and market researchWith social media it has become much easier to get feedback on our products and services, incorporating large amounts of easily accessible information into the design and implementation of our products and services.Market research has also found powerful tools in social media. Tools to measure trends on Twitter such as Trendsmap or Trendistic give us a global idea of ​​what moves people to talk on Twitter . Likewise, they can give us information in real time of how much conversation our product or campaign generates.Crisis ManagementFinally, the presence in Social Media can help us overcome a crisis more effectively. In the unfortunate Dominos accident , the company was able to use social media to defend its equity, but not showing interest in Social media in advance delayed its response. Also, many of us agree that the brand’s use of social media felt “Newbie” and opportunistic. This would not have happened now that Dominos has a much more solid and respected presence.4.- Steps and advice for a person and companyFor people , I would use the following advice:

Ask yourself why you want to start in Social Media. If having a good time is not among your reasons, it will be better to leave it.Choose 5 blogs that you might be interested in following, subscribe to the feeds (eg with Google Reader and spend some time reading them. This helps to understand the etiquette of the blogosphere. Comment on them and see how you are doing.Then consider the vision you want to give of yourself and choose the appropriate platforms. If you are a photographer, Flickr will be among your options, while if you are a writer, not having a blog is inexcusable.Explore for yourself, don’t stress about not having followers / visits / comments and have fun.For companies , it would propose a more analytical and tempered attitude when it comes to acting. Many experts in Social Media are of the opinion that you have to jump into the pool but I think that first of all you have to have the objectives, the strategy and the analysis parameters very clear.As a first step, it would study the phenomenon, platforms, examples of similar companies and investigate the possibility of hiring in house and / or externally.Later, the objectives would have to be considered. If what we would like to get out of Social Media coincides with what other people have achieved and what analysts defend, it is time to give the go-ahead and decide on a strategy.In the strategy, it will be necessary to consider what means can help us meet the objectives. Also, the way in which we should use the channels and how many resources we should allocate.Next, we will implement the plan with a way forward (actions, dates) and establish measurement criteria.

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