Let’s talk about Social Media: interview with Marc Cortés

I think it’s interesting to define things by the use we give them, so that when we talk about Social Guatemala Phone Number List  (and paraphrasing the definition of Wikipedia ) we refer to electronic media and supports that we use to share content, experiences or information with other users .2.- In your understanding, what are the main channels of what we call Social Media?More than channels we should talk about uses or types of tools (taking as reference a classification by Fred 3.- What are the main advantages / benefits for people and companies?It is important to note that the use of Social Media should imply that the person or company understands that involve one change of paradigm relevant, now the person is in the center and business orbiting around it , and not so far where they were the people that we orbit around the companies. Under this paradigm shift, the main advantages or utilities of Social Media would be:Listen to the marketsWho is Who? : we will be able to know what the real expectations of the clients are and be able, in this way, to try to hit their satisfaction.Participatory construction : the participation of customers and other users in the transformation of ideas will allow to improve and make new products and services.Improve visibility: conversations, participation, the will to interact will place you, person or company, on the map.Advertising Efficiency: the use of 2.0 tools allows the advertising and the message to be directed to smaller audiences but with greater responsiveness and dissemination to audiencesthey think, transform, criticize, praise.Improves the internal culture of participation: in a company or space in which interrelation and growth with customers is encouraged and sought, it necessarily implies the growth of internal participation, fostering a participatory and dynamic corporate culture.Experience: we stopped having a coexistence based on a message, to have a relationship based on experience between the client and the company or between clients.4.- What would be the first steps that a person should take to start in Social Media? What advice would you give him?In the case of a person they should not be very different than those expressed below for a company. And I say that they should not be very different because at the bottom lies the same starting point: the objective that is pursued using Social Media. It can be positioning yourself as an expert in a subject, sharing knowledge …

And for a company?As a company and in order to take advantage of Social Media as part of the company’s strategy, we would talk about 4 major phases or steps:Defining Objectives Adapting Iván Pino (“Your Internet Communication Plan”, 2008) we can talk about five objectives: listening, transmitting information, communicating, propagating, persuading and relating. Although I would add a sixth, sell.Brand positioningIt is about knowing what they are saying about my company or brand. Taking the pulse of what is said about us, we will be able, firstly, to correct, if necessary, the objectives that we as a company have set for ourselves in social media and, secondly, to define which are the best tools to carry out. our strategy.We should be able to answer three questions: What do they say about me? Who says it? and Where or says?Speaking and listeningAt this point, the implementation of the relevant objectives must be realized and begin to have an active presence in social spaces.Whatever the start-up strategy is adopted, and assuming that the conversations are always between people, even if one of them is behind a brand or company, it will be highly recommended to establish some “ rules of the game ”, guidelines of behavior of the company on social networks, as well as user behavior guidelines in the company’s own spaces on the network (for example, indicate what type of comments are not allowed on the corporate blog ).Determined who will execute these actions remains to establish the tools through which we will optimize our presence in Social Media. It will be necessary to take into account several elements to make the decision of which elements to use, that is, the social media strategy . Enrique Burgos and I define in our book “get started in marketing 2.0” (netbiblo 2009) a model that takes into account two variables in making the decision about which social media tools to use in each case:a) Degree of conversation, that is, the level at which you want to enter the conversation with users. Most of the tools that we have discussed admit a modality to speak (write a blog) and to listen (subscribe to other blogs), so that a greater degree of conversation will be when we combine both activities and a lesser degree when we only practice that of hear.b) Presence of users , determining the% of our target audience that uses social media will also condition the tools to be usedMeasurement of results Some objectives have been defined, our brand or company positioning has been analyzed and a corporate identity strategy has been drawn up. Now is the time to measure and rebalance our Corporate Reputation, our image on the web.It is not a full stop that will serve to approve or suspend our work, but rather a constant process of tuning , a constant process of measuring the presence of our brand, of our company, of the fulfillment of our objectives of so that the different parts of the SMP are fine-tuned.5.- Can you briefly comment on one case of success and another of failure of business strategies in Social Media?


Success and failure are relative and, therefore, we must define them first. If success is measured based on the number of followers or mentions achieved there will be some cases, if it is defined from the point of view of engagement with users or notoriety there will be others. I prefer the latter, although many companies measure success in terms of numbers. Here we could find cases such as Caja Navarra or Munich Sports , brands that with the use of these spaces have managed to increase their degree of connection with their current and potential customers. At the international level we could talk about cases such as Dell orStrarbucks .From the point of view of failure, we will distinguish between those cases in which the brands have wanted to use Social De Phone Number and have not achieved their objectives (the famous cases of Keteke or the Vichy case would be here ) and those that have seen their image affected by ignore Social Media (such as Kryptonite or Motrin )6.- Main tools for companies and people to develop their presence in Social Media.Well I think I have already answered this question in # 2 of this interview7.- What are your reference blogs and Twitteros?There are several people who I think have very interesting things to tell and from which I learn every day. The list is long … and I’m sure I’ll leave a few, but I could mention Genis Roca , Albert García Pujadas , the people of Territorio Creativo , Xavi Bermúdez , Jaime and Borja , Fernando de la Rosa , Yoriento , Tristán Elósegui , Eva Sanagustin , Roberto Carreras , David Armano , Jeremiah Owyang Seth Godin o.Although I must say that I have more than 400 blogs in my reader and more than 50 people with whom I share feeds in google reader, so the list of people to learn from is very long.8.- What books would you recommend to someone who wants to get started in Social Media? And the company that is considering launching its SMM strategy?There are many interesting books on these topics (although most in English). Among the most prominent (for me) would be:9.- What do you think are the novelties / trends that will be established in 2010?I leave you the link to the collaborative document Predictions for Social Media in 2010 that 27 people published at the end of 2009. In it are my predictions and trends… which I think are summarized in “we will stop talking about Social Media to start talking about Social Business ”.Marc Cortés Passionate about helping companies and people to get closer to the network, incorporating their marketing and communication strategies within the logic of Social Media. Managing Partner at RocaSalvatella , for almost 10 yearsI combine my professional activity with teaching as a professor in the Department of Marketing Management at ESADE , teaching as a full professor

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