Let’s talk about Social Media: interview with Eva Sanagustín

Means used by users to generate and share information, whether in text, photos or videos. 2.- In your way of understanding, what are the main channels of what we call Social Media?Currently, blogs, microblogs and wikis are the main social media, to which we must add Jordan Phone Number List   networks almost as agglutinators of these since they contain blogs, status updates similar to microblogging, photos, videos … and forums (in some way the precursors of social media).3.- What are the main advantages / benefits for people and companies ?People and companies can find and approach people with the same tastes and interests, speaking from the same level and in a close way. With their participation, they sell, directly or indirectly, their brand (also their personal one), something perhaps difficult to quantify in short-term sales but that by having an impact on their image does have a long-term benefit.

“ People and companies can find and approach people with the same tastes and interests, speaking from the same level and in a close way. «4.- What would be the first steps that a person should take to start in Social Media? What advice would you give him?Before , find time to think about what you want to achieve by opening a blog or being in that social network. During , find time to feed your chosen media. Before, during and always , find time to listen and answer.And for a company?Before Dedicate time to why : establish real goals aligned with those of the company.Spend time on how : plan the necessary strategy to carry them out. YDedicate time to who : designate a person who will centralize the actions and who knows the tools.Before, during and always, take time to listen and answer.5.- Can you briefly comment on one case of success and another of failure of business strategies in Social Media?

A case of success would be that of Ausonia and the AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer) for creating an application on Facebook that is easy to use and spread among friends and for involving bloggers.One case of failure that is still talked about is the Telefónica social network, KeteKe , which failed to arouse enough interest to unseat the networks already in place.6.- Main tools for companies and people to develop their presence in Social Media.GoogleIt is always the beginning to quantify and qualify the presence in social media: looking for and evaluating the results is the first step when listening. In addition to this general and the particular of each medium, there are also specialized search engines such as Bitacoras.com, IceRocket or BlogPulse and Twitalyzer or TweetStats for Twitter that also offer statistics of influence or authority.In addition to monitoring with alerts, to maintain an active presence you can use tools such as Blogger or WordPress to create your blog; Tumblr or Twitter (or anything like Hootsuite or TweetDeck ) to get you started on microblogging; build a wiki with Wikispaces or MediaWiki; and manage your own social network with Ning if you can’t find your target on Facebook or Tuenti.7.- What are your reference blogs and Twitteros?All the bloggers and twitter users that I read are for me a reference, in one field or another, because I can learn something from all of them. If we consider reference as the first one I read or trust the most, then those closest to me are. They are the ones who can influence me the most, but that does not mean that they have the same effect on others.


8.- Of these blogs and Twitteros, which post / documents would you recommend?Despite what I have answered in the previous question, I recommend a post from ReadWriteWebin which they translate a summary of what happened in 2009 related to Social Media. I think it describes well the continuous movement of the sector and at the same time allows to know different tools with names and surnames.9.- What books would you recommend to someone who wants to get started in De Phone Number Media? And the company that is considering launching its SMM strategy?Reviewing the last books that I have read, I have to admit that none of them are by SM or SMM. It is a type of literature that needs immediacy and does not go through the slow editing process. With a Google search you will surely find ten times more interesting and current articles than books published in Spanish.10.- What do you think are the novelties / trends that will be established in 2010?I do not like to talk about the future when the present has not yet settled. There are still those who do not have a connection at home, there are still companies that do not have

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