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The Internet has facilitated the creation of a space where a series of tools appear that make it possible to change the rules of the game and allow users and their message to stop being mere observers and to occupy the center, being able to share and express themselves with total freedom by creating a series of multidirectional conversations that generate a new concept of communication and where companies have the option of being able to integrate and participate in that multidirectionality.2.- In your way of understanding, what are the main channels of what we call Social Media?In my understanding, the channels are all those that allow that multidirectional sharing and conversation, for example and summarizing a little:Blogs , both personal, corporate or thematic, and the main engines that have made it possible for everything else to flow and grow are WordPress and Blogger For me, blogs are the main glue and trigger of everything that has come later, without them I could not have taken the very important turn of the conversation.Microblogging , mainly Twitter of which I am passionate and that is assuming an unpredictable quantitative leap and that has transformed the conversation into something instantaneous, plural, in constant evolution and mobility, and that connects people between the online and offline world like never before it had happened on the internet before.Forums , although many consider them a bit old, they are still a place of interesting conversations and places where many interactions are generated and a lot of segmented information is shared. Luxembourg Phone Number List  Networks :place of interaction, site to share our most personal self.

3.- What are the main advantages / benefits for people and companies?For people the possibility of being able to express themselves, talk, listen and communicate with total freedom, with their own name or anonymously.Thanks to Social Media they can find places to get knowledge and talk about it; they can search, find and communicate with likeminded tribes and communities with which to share their hobbies, hobbies, professions, concerns or aspirations.They can also find a place to enhance their personal brandingregardless of whether or not you want to do it professionally, but it allows you to express everything that you hold within yourself and share it by talking to other equals with your name and always on a global level.For companies to be able to approach their clients, their potential clients or the market in general depending on their interests at all times and to be able to know and listen to all of them in a non-aggressive way and learn by talking and listening to what they have to say.This will provide you with cost savingsWith respect to conventional marketing and advertising structures, by improving their products or services at a lower cost, being able to adapt them to what their potential customers really need and to create and innovate in a more agile and fast way, and of course to promote their brands in a more efficient way, getting them to integrate much more effectively with the consumer.4.- What would be the first steps that a person should take to start in Social Media? What advice would you give him?The first thing I would tell you to do, and in fact I recommend it on a daily basis, is that you enter all social networks, platforms, etc. ( register your domaindot com and dot is with your name and first surname or the closest thing if they are no longer free, on facebook, on twitter, linkedin, xing, tuenti, qapacity, etc.) and register with your name to reserve it and that nobody can take care of it , and for this to enter the minimum data, you will have time to put everything you want much later.Then , that he approaches calmly, without haste, that he gets to know him and as he observes, begins to participate without haste, without pressure and being aware of what he does, what he shares and the privacy he maintains in each case .After that first stage, decide if you want to have a strategy or not, because you may love it just for the personal pleasure of being able to learn and participate, without a strategy, and in case you decide to have it, think about the means that are best adapted to that strategy to better invest your time more effectively.
And for a company?


The same but thinking that Social Media is a new field, that it is not conventional advertising, that there are new rules here and that the ones you have been using previously , both in the offline world and in direct marketing or email marketing are not. do they workand they are counterproductive when used, that you should not be in a hurry, that you should be well advised by specialists, that you must learn essential before acting and that all this must be integrated into a joint strategy of all your marketing.And above all, that this is beginning and everything remains to be discovered.5.- Can you briefly comment on one case of success and another of failure of business strategies in Social Media?There are already a few success stories, for example Caja Navarra is doing very well both at the brand level and when it comes to finding ways to understand its message, and at the same time the people who are at the forefront of the strategy like Fernando Egido or Juantxo Zabalo, have achieved a great depth and reputation that enhances that of CAN .Another famous campaign was that of Burger King with its famous campaign on Facebook; and you could mention cases like Dell or Zappos in your use of Twitter.For me, the case of major failure has been that of Keteke who thought they could create a De Phone Number network with only money and massive advertising campaigns full of famous faces in the best conventional style, and taking advantage of the Telefónica brand that they thought would serve as a unifier of intentions. But this does not work like that.There have also been some brands that created fake blogs where a person spoke well of their brand as an individual in love with it and with the appearance of total independence, and that later it was discovered that it was the brand itself that paid them to do so, for example WalMart it was one of the most famous.And as a personal brand failure, the case of Rosa Díez on Twitter who thought that this is like the offline world and it was discovered that while she was in a public act on television, someone was writing on her Twitter as if she herself were the one who was doing it. a lack of respect that the community did not forgive him. Transparency is an essential condition in Social Media and in this environment there are no second chances.

Transparency is an essential condition in Social Media and in this environment there are no second chances.6.- Main tools for companies and people to develop their presence in Social Media.
The first is a blog , thinking about what you want to tell, what the body asks you to show: your life, your experiences, things about your profession, reflections, something related to any of your hobbies, etc.The second is in open networks such as Facebook , or Flickr and think what she wants to share, what she wants to show about herself and with whom.The third in professional networks such as Linkedin or Xing by entering your professional profileThe fourthbut no less important for this on Twitter , starting to follow people who are your reference or recommended by your friends.For this I recommend Blogger or WordPress for creating the blog and Hootsuite to twitter and facebook, as it allows you to manage perfectly multiple profiles of twitter and Facebook from the same screen and a web environment, which can be used on any computer
also Ubertwitter for Blackberry which is in my opinion the most complete in BB.7.- What are your reference blogs and Twitteros?

8.- Of these blogs and Twitteros, which post / documents would you recommend?I would not recommend any in particular because it is something so dynamic and there is so much information of real value that it is best to find what we need at all times and follow the links that are published on twitter or on blogs.9.- What books would you recommend to someone who wants to get started in Social Media? And the company that is considering launching its SMM strategy?Get started in Marketing 2.0 by Marc Cortés and Enrique Burgos10.- What do you think are the novelties / trends that will be established in 2010?I am not a guru to have the magic ball that reveals the future, but the immediate one is clearly going to be marked by several words:Mobility , all “on go” as they say, the mobile phone has ceased to be a telephone to become a device that encompasses and brings together all kinds of communication, connection, information, etc. utilities. and this is going to accelerate in 2010 giving much more force to Social Media.Immediately , we want everything instantly, information instantly, interaction instantly, connection quickly and instantly, and this is going to spread to aspects of life that we do not even imagine at the moment, and those responsible for social networks , development platforms etc will have to be applied to facilitate it or there will be others to replace them.

Interaction . Being able to interact much more effectively, the different social networks or microblogging platforms will allow and encourage much more interaction among their members because that is what they are going to be required to do.Antonio DomingoWho am I? That is a good question. I could say as it appears on my Twitter profile: “An incombustible dreamer, who lives between technology and poetry, and knowing that there is nothing impossible” and I would not be wrong.I am the CEO of Fenix ​​Media , the Advertising, Marketing and Social Media Agency with 9 years of existence , from where we have been training and advising clients on effective tactics and strategies in Social Media, but I am involved in several more projects than I am passionately in love:I have been a convinced networker for 20 years and I am the founder and co-organizer of the tweeting meals known as EatsAndTwittsthat this past 2009 they have been quite successful and that in 2010 we will continue to carry them out, expanding to new cities.Another of the projects that I have underway is FonyPay , the alternative payment company, where themost impressive service and “core business” of it is being able to collect a payment from a mobile credit card with just one landline phone call. or mobile and without the need for a POS.And finally, the fourth is La Lanzadera , a system for sending interactive prerecorded calls to databases, which have many advantages over any other system.

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