Let’s talk about: blogs, the foundation of social media

There are several differences between a web page and a blog . The most important, in the context that concerns us, is the creation of dialogue either between people or between a company and its customers. This important feature is what should motivate you to open one right now, if you are not one of the millions of bloggers out there in the world .There are several blogging platformsbut the most prominent are Lebanon Phone Number List and WordPress . Once you decide between either of the two , you can waste all the time you want testing templates and adding add-ons like Google Analytics , Feedburner or Share this , but don’t forget the basics: define your strategy . There are several questions that you have to answer before you start writing, before even choosing the name of the blog. For example: who are you going to address? What and how are you going to write about? How much time can you dedicate a week? In the caseof a corporate blog, in addition to the above, do not stop asking yourself: who is going to write ?All these questions can be summed up in what is your goal? Knowing what you want to achieve with a blog will make it a useful tool, not only for you but also for your readers . This is the main reason why they will follow you: for what you can contribute. Don’t forget it while writing and try to do it for them as well as for yourself.

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In return, your company will receive a certain prestige in the sector in which you carry out your activity and will be able to learn from your clients , listening to them and talking to them as equals. You will also see how your personal brand begins to develop. Constantly and taking care of the contents, the debate you generate around important topics will end up turning your readers into a small or large community.The famous conversation that markets need so much to survive, is only understood with blogs. They are the star tool of social media because they give anyone a platform where they can express themselves openly and without restrictions , and they are not dead yet!More recent tools have copied the blogging foundation to package it differently. There is microblogging or social networks that have successfully reduced or expanded the blog format, respectively.Eva Sanagustín FernándezHis professional life revolves around content marketing and he dedicates his free time to social media.Download his ideas on advertising and media at downloading + media and more briefly at @dmassm .He has published books on blogging, new online marketing and reputation, and a couple of white papers on

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