Klout surprises us with a big change: it scares me

If a few weeks ago we commented that Klout had triggered the influence of users, now it surprises us again with a great change in its design and visualization of our profiles.
When entering Klout.com, we can log in with our Facebook or Twitter account.
If we do it with Facebook, this is what we will find: It warns us that the profile that we are going to see will be our public profile and can be seen by other Klout users but it does not specify if they are Friends? Contacts? Users in general? … On the left is our biography and below the people who are supposed to be our influencers (I suppose they are the people with whom we interact the most in networks and have a higher score in Klout)

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On the right, he places the updates that have been most accepted by our friends, placing them in order of number of “likes” and comments.
What worries me is that Klout uploads updates regardless of who you shared them with. That is, if on Facebook you have shared something only with your friends and it has been very successful:
Does Klout not cut a hair and upload it openly for all your contacts in the app or will only your Facebook friends see it?
It is very possible that we have contacts in Klout that are not on Facebook and it is normal that on Facebook we publish more personal topics that we only want to share with our family or friends that we consider more intimate, for that the privacy changes were made on the platform It is true that it lets us delete them but we cannot be entering Klout all day to see if what has been published we have to eliminate it or not.
On the other hand, we usually add Twitter contacts to Klout who do not have to be our friends on Facebook, so I wonder, can our Twitter contacts who are also Klout contacts see all the updates even though they are not our Facebook friends? ?
I hope this is not the case and Columbia Mobile Number List that only our friends can really see it, because otherwise the privacy of Facebook and our trust in the tool (which on the other hand is increasingly scarce) would be completely loaded.
On the other hand, when logging in using the Twitter account, the information that appears is totally different: First, the figure that the algorithm gives us appears and this time it clearly indicates that this information can only be seen by us , this time if our privacy is taken into account. .

If we continue, new statistics of the networks that we have linked in Klout and the latest links that we have shared appear, showing us those that have had the most engagement, which is ultimately what Klout takes into account for measurements.
I have already commented on several occasions that if we do not have much activity in other networks, it is better not to link them because the tool will penalize us, at least that is how it was before this last change.
I have asked Christian Delgado @chdve to access my Klout profile and he confirms that he can see all the information on Facebook, but we are friends on this network so the test does not help us. I will try to check it with another user with whom I do not share friendship on Facebook and I will tell you the result.
Interestingly, if we look for certain “influential” friends who until now were our contacts and were active in Klout yesterday, we see how they have disappeared, I do not know if it will be a simple coincidence or is that after seeing these changes they have immediately unsubscribed from the tool.
It better be just a perception or a misunderstanding and Klout respects the privacy of each one of us, because if not we will be a few of us who will definitely abandon this application. Update What is promised is a debt, so I leave you the information that Christian Delgado has given me so that we remain calm, since Klout will take into account the privacy of each network, Brother Cell Phone List therefore it will not leave our private updates open.

All these screenshots did not appear the first day (although when I saw the X I already explained that the publication could be hidden) or at least I was not able to see them no matter how much I fiddle through the application. It is true that they were installing it and perhaps they were not yet operational.
And now if you are looking for a contact who is not a friend on Facebook, this appears. In any case, the good news is that it seems that they will respect privacy and we can also hide everything that we want does not appear. We will give a vote of confidence and see how it continues to progress.

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