Klout shoots up user influence levels

As I mentioned precisely on August 15 of last year, Klout kills me .
Every two by three we find new algorithmic changes that dislodge us, not so much at the level of our personal accounts as when we obtain the data for some clients we manage. Each algorithm change must be explained to the client and fundamentally when the data goes down, many of them think that it is a simple excuse to justify ourselves since up to now we have been penalized for each change.
I hadn’t been using the tool for many weeks now and thanks to Brother Cell Phone List I have found out that there are changes again.

This new measurement is quite a surprise, since the increase is not one or two points, but in some cases, it is up to 13 points above the previous measurement. Just the opposite that happened last summer when many of us, after the summer period where we significantly reduced our presence in networks, fell dramatically like our clients.
Now, when you enter the tool, they notify you of the news and claim that they want to give more real figures and adjust to the true influence of network users, but this time evaluating new components. Cyprus Mobile Database More transparent and with a higher level of analysis

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They report that they will value more the data of the subscribers that we have on Facebook, the + K received and the influence that we have in the real world through the data they can capture from the network, for example, they will score if we appear on Wikipedia, titles that we have on Linkedin… Measuring Youtube and Tumblr (they already did this, but my advice is that if you don’t have a lot of activity on these networks, don’t link them because it penalizes the lack of interactions) Anyway , they have at least managed to get us to talk again of Klout, like every year around this time.

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