It is time to redefine who or what you want to be

What we are experiencing these days is horrible. It is like a science fiction movie. We have the hardest weeks left and then a long recovery time. We all hope that both periods are as short as possible.
But the reality is that despite everything, we are starting to get used to it. We have already been burning stages and we begin to accept what is happening to us. In this regard, I really liked the adaptation that Pilar Jericó made of the phases of mourning to the coronavirus epidemic .
If you look at the image below, you will surely recognize yourself in one of these stages. I don’t think there are pure states. In my opinion we are advancing and regressing until we consolidate a stage.
In my case, I think I ‘m leaving 3, traveling through 4 and (I would like to believe), starting to investigate 5.
And now that?
With regard to labor issues, we have two great options: regret what is happening or think what we can do. Stop worrying and occupying ourselves .
Given the current situation in which everything is stopped or practically stopped, once we have assimilated our situation, we can start to consider Hungary Phone Number List
different scenarios. Starting by asking ourselves: what now? What can I do to improve my situation?
The answers to these types of questions should include from personal aspects (personal care, exercise, food, family, relationships, etc.), to professional issues:

Training : it is a perfect time to train in those disciplines in which we think we are weaker.
Pending projects : we all have projects that due to lack of time, we have not been able to carry out. Now is the time to get them going. In my case, just before isolation, I started my podcast “ To sell you don’t always have to sell ”. It still has a lot of design details to do, but it’s well underway. It is taking shape and the truth is that I am delighted with the first results.
It is time to redefine who or what you want to be
Now that COVID-19 has brought us all home, now that we do not know what awaits us at the end of this crisis, now is the time to start a clean slate.
On a personal level, the number of questions to ask is endless. I’m not going to get into that area, because I’m not a psychologist or a coach, or anything like that. But some questions that arise are: What things do I want to change about myself? What should i do to change them? Which ones can I change and which ones will it be difficult for me to change alone? In short, how can I be a better person?

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I leave these questions open, for each one to ask their own and seek their answers.
A lot of opportunities open up professionally. Yes, the exit will be hard, but the opportunities are for those who know how to see them and take advantage of them. Whatever you do, you can surely adapt to what is coming.
When everything has changed, do you think the way to get out of the crisis is by doing the same as before?
How should your business be after the crisis?
How should you adjust when this crisis is over? What are your clients going to need? What will be your situation? How should you change EVERYTHING to adapt to them?
You have to re-evaluate the situation, adapt your products and services (create new ones?), Redefine the audience profiles (some will have changed, others have disappeared and new ones have emerged), review the positioning , the strategy ,… TO-DO.
And it is especially the moment, to rethink the reason for being of your company beyond sales: your brand purpose .
Do you want to continue being a DE Phone Number  that sells products / services without further ado or do you want to be part of this society and contribute your bit in recovery?
If you want to connect with your audience you have to change the chip. Before this crisis, our clients already demanded closer and more committed companies. But let’s start to recover, what do you think your clients will demand of you?
The strategy as a manual to survive
Now more than ever, strategy (strategic thinking) must be our survival manual.
Short actions make less sense, because we do not know in which scenario we are moving, we are not going to obtain the same results as before. It is time to think in the medium term, it is time to set a goal and have the plan (our plan ) at hand, to get back on our way every time we deviate.
I’m working on it, and you?

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