Is using a QR code without a QR code possible?

For some time now, QR codes have become a fairly common use for all types of companies. However, the actions derived from the use of these elements, in many cases are not what is expected, although many of the companies that use them do not even know it.
Next we will see the reason for these statements.
According to this study carried out by Selenus , 68.8% of the companies that resort to the use of these codes do so without any type of strategy and without tools to measure their effectiveness. It is indicated that, in these cases, it is a blind bet that (and here is one of the keys),As it does not necessarily require investment or knowledge, it usually ends in failure . What’s more worrying is that most companies don’t even bother to measure the impact of their QR code. 53% of companies do not have scan statistics, so they miss the return of information offered by their own potential audience. Paradoxically, 41% consider that having this information would be interesting. Regarding the motivations to use QR as a marketing strategy:


58.8% of companies indicate the fact of “giving life” to their offline media (posters, brochures, press advertisements …).
For 52.9% it means “opening another channel for their customers”
For 47.1% “distinguish themselves from the competition”.
Regarding the placement of the QR codes:

More than 87% put them in brochures and posters
37.5% in press advertisements
31.3% in cards
Half of the respondents consider that merchandising is an ideal medium for their QR code, but only 6.3% can afford it.
Other affordable supports such as product labeling ( Chile Mobile Database packaging) are not yet used by companies.
It is clear that these codes are used by companies and although they can be somehow customizable, they are still a strange element that they are not used to and in most cases, it can seem unsightly due to its own visual configuration.
Is using a QR code without a QR code possible?
The answer is yes.
This resounding answer is given by the existence of applications capable of recognizing almost all types of images and from there carry out the actions that you want to program.
It is clear that, as explained above, these actions must be framed within a strategy, but in this way they are infinitely more customizable than QRs.
Let’s imagine that our own logo can act as these codes, be recognized by the telephone and carry out the desired action or actions, and we are not just talking about accessing a website.
We can talk about many possibilities such as showing the user where our company is located, inviting them to send a message, showing a video / audio, accessing our facebook page requesting a “Like” … Endless customizable options and, of course, measurable.
This is the pinnacle of customization for companies, as they stop using the typical “little square” and instead use their own image or that of their product (for example) as scannable code.
Users go from scanning something “lifeless” to scanning the company itself.
There are also other advantages when using these types of applications as mobile marketing supports.
Most of them combine these characteristics (image recognition) with Augmented Reality and Geolocation, which makes them the perfect support to carry out “mobile Geomarketing” actions, providing the user with a much more innovative and complete experience.
Why consider using these Apps as mobile marketing support for our company?
“The future (present) is mobile”Chile Mobile Number List
Therefore, companies must seriously consider their presence and positioning in this reality.
The use of these supports for mobile marketing actions supposes, due to the number of options they offer, a high degree of innovation, to differentiate themselves from the competition.
Offering the user the possibility of scanning our image and obtaining results from there, means making this image of innovation grow and if the actions are also included in a “well thought out” strategy, it will be a success of the same.
Is it reserved only for large companies?
The answer is no.
It is clear that large companies dedicate large budgets to marketing actions, but carrying out simple actions and no less effective for their purposes is within the reach of any company, professional or business.
The simple fact of “being visible” in these applications, already supposes in itself a mobile marketing action that naturally, should be reinforced by offering the user “our difference”, either in the form of an offer or any other benefit that invites them to visit our business.
From this simple possibility whose cost is perfectly acceptable for any company (no matter how small), we can decide whether to increase the actions, increasing the cost of the campaign, despite the fact that Brother Cell Phone List  will continue to be affordable, since the real costs are much more lower than most companies think, although it is true that the greatest complexity of the campaign will be the user experience, destination and end of the campaign.
In summary
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