Internet in 2010: realistic or unlikely predictions?

Last week I read an interesting blog post The Rise to the Top (by David Garland ), with a series of predictions for 2010, based on his own experience, interviews with experts and large companies.
The post begins with the following statement:“Big brands, niche brands and entrepreneurs that survived the storm of 2009 are in an exciting position for 2010. It is going to be a time where innovative and change in Croatia Phone Number List  is going to flourish. Marketing is going to be cheaper, faster and smarter . “Both in this statement and in the predictions it makes, there are two variables that make us see them as distant :The development of the Internet in Spain is 1-2 years behind the United States (if not more).In my opinion, his predictions are somewhat skewed by his profession . He runs a TV show for entrepreneurs, lectures on this topic, and advises companies on innovative marketing strategies.But this is not why they stop being interesting. As it usually happens with predictions, and more so on the Internet, several of them will not come true, but it is worth reflecting on them (How many times have we heard that this is the year of mobile marketing? a joke among the people of the sector!).What I want to do with this post is see them one by one: thinking about whether they are realistic or not, and in what phase we are in Spain on each issue.1.- Large companies are going to learn from entrepreneurs, small companies and niche brands : I fully agree with the statements you make about the validity of the skills acquired by entrepreneurs and SMEs in their daily struggle without a budget . It is true that working without a budget sharpens ingenuity and the best ideas can come from there. But from there to large companies taking them as an example, I think there is a big difference.Few, if any, of the large companies are, in my opinion, capable of taking referrals from small businesses. It simply does not enter their heads that these models can be valid for their companies. They only notice them when they start taking customers away.2.- Online Networking : in this case I do agree with him. Networking has always been a fundamental tool for the development of business and our professional careers. More and more people are using Twitter, Linkedin, blogs, etc. as part of their marketing strategy to grow their business, and they are getting great results .

The secret is knowing how to do it the right way. One of the main problems that companies / entrepreneurs are encountering is knowing how to adapt their offline style to the Internet (the same is happening with advertising campaigns). We have to adapt our actions to the environment .3.-Web 1.0 will cease to exist : it is true that change is taking place. But we can still see a high percentage of totally static websites both in terms of content and in their level of interaction with the user. Try doing a few searches and you can see for yourself.In this regard, Spain is especially far from the United States. Yes, it is true that there are already a few companies that are doing well, but what percentage do they represent of the total?4.- Content Marketing: companies will start to use content generation as part of their marketing strategy: the first step has already been taken to make this happen. The companies that produce content (TVs, radios, etc.) are using it on the Internet as a marketing tool and it is working for them. But there are still few that generate content specifically for the Internet.5.- Online video as content and not as viral marketing : in the near future (but not in 2010), we will see how landing pages will shorten their texts and add explanatory videos . What better way to explain the benefits of your product than a 15-30 second video?Video adds credibility and saves users time. That is, what they are looking for from the beginning on the Internet: to save time and eliminate the uncertainty of buying a product online (will it be exactly what I wanted?)6.- The end of 30 ′ spots : I think in Spain we are very far from this happening. Perhaps in the United States they are closer due to their television model: number of channels, the use of TiVO, etc. But here despite the analog blackout, the fragmentation of the channel offer, etc. we still have a season left.What if it is true, that these changes will accelerate the end / adaptation of the spots, because each time they will have less effectiveness and it will be more difficult to carry out broad coverage campaigns.7.- Reputation marketingFew things add more to your reputation than excellent customer service. How many stories about great services have we heard? Have you thought about the number of clients that companies get through these stories?Social media greatly facilitate this type of dissemination (in both senses), so let’s hope that companies begin to realize it and bet on the medium, if not they want to be left behind.8.- Events : in addition to allowing us to meet new people in our sector, they are a key element in strengthening the contacts we have made online.


In our country we don’t need to be told that it is good to organize events to put a face to the people we contact by email. They say that in November there was a day when no events were held! The important thing in these events, is like in almost everything, the approach that you give it. You must follow the same rules as always, but complementing them with the use of the Internet. What didn’t work without online tools will still not work with them.9.- Social media will cease to be a fad : as in several of the previous predictions, we are on the right track, but we still have a long way to go.In my opinion 2010 will continue to be the year of companies that believe that by having a page on De Phone Number they are already making a good social media strategy . For these strategies to catch on, and to be done in the right way, we need the big bosses of companies to stop seeing it as a fad, and see it as an important part of their online strategy.10.- Relationships : with the development of the Internet and social media, taking care of relationships with your clients and future clients are more important than they already were. Remember that everything good and bad that they experience when they come into contact with you, goes directly to the Internet.Rereading the ten predictions, we see the importance of relationships with our clients, contacts, etc. We do not stop being social beings who seek to relate to others.The Internet is allowing us to return to the one-to-one relationships that were formerly produced in the markets, in which trust in the other was one of the greatest values.

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