Instagram launches “Instagram Insider” a Fashion and Beauty Trends Magazine

Facebook does not stop surprising us every day and while they work to improve Instagram by providing Reels with a greater number of functionalities every day to resemble TikTok more and more, or to convert Instagram Live Rooms into audio rooms , now they are also embarking on the publishing world with a first test launching the first issue of Instagram Insider, a mini magazine in PDF of trends in beauty and fashion to inspire and discover where fashion and beauty are going and also to publicize the creators of these contents.

They also do not rule out that later on they will incorporate Ivory Coast Mobile Database cultural issues into this publication, which is good news because we hope that Instagram does not remain only for fashion and beauty since there is much more useful content that entertains, teaches and inspires every day.

The number appears as “Spring 2021” which seems to indicate that they will make different publications for different seasons of the year. It would not be ruled out that Instagram Insider ends up becoming an online magazine that also includes advertising

Watch out for women’s magazines that, like Facebook, will also reach the publishing sector to compete! 😉

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“Welcome to the first issue of Instagram Insider! If you’ve ever spent a weekend afternoon or, let’s face it, a Monday afternoon or Thursday morning scrolling through the news feed, Browse or Buy, liking and saving posts… then this post is! for you!

‘Instagram Insider’ is about inspiration and discovery, not only about fashion and beauty trends but also about the people behind them.

Every day, our team works with emerging creators, designers, personalities and brands who are driving the culture forward. We see how social movements break down in real time ”

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