Innovation in online campaigns (Tipex)

It is good to observe how little by little technology is infiltrating new forms of communication.

The consumer stops being a simple static spectator, to intervene and interact in it.

A few months ago, “The Last Call” gave a lot to talk about , a film where after asking attendees Belgium Phone Number List in a flayer to leave their mobile phone numbers, one of the viewers received a call from the protagonist asking for help to get out of a maximum danger. With their responses, the viewers changed the course of events, living the story in the first person and integrating into it.

Now TIPP-EX surprises us with an online campaign, where a bear approaches a camp and everything suggests that the hunter is going to shoot him.

The Internet user can change this ending, deleting a word with Tippex and selecting another (it has many combinations). Depending on the word entered, a series of different scenes will take place, which will change the end of the story.

Commenting yesterday with my friend Yago, the best thing about this entire campaign is not only the novelty, but a product like Tipex, which is gradually losing market, precisely due to the use of new technologies, knows how to integrate and approach the consumer Phone Number List with his own language.

I trust that little by little brands will innovate and introduce this type of communication in their campaigns.

The consumer is no longer a static element for receiving messages. He has an opinion, he shares it and now he also interacts.

My congratulations to the TIPP-EX brand and the advertising agency that carried out the campaign (3,846,699 views on YouTube in less than 15 days)

Do you have any examples of good interactive advertising to share? I encourage you to include it here

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