I needed to give marketing a boost

As many of you know, recently given my experience as a digital marketing consultant I have launched a digital marketing mentoring program , different from digital Accounting Directors Email Lists consulting, with which I help entrepreneurs and companies to get the most out of marketing.Defining from the beginning or putting marketing in order in a company is a fundamental task that I carry out as a digital marketing consultant in my digital marketing consulting services, but we do not always have the experience, knowledge and time necessary to do it correctly ourselves.
To better explain this situation to you and make you understand the benefits of having a digital marketing consultant as a mentor, I thought it best to have someone who is going through this process explain it to you (at the end of the article you have the video with their testimony ) .

“I needed to give marketing a boost ,” this is how Juan Aldamiz sums up his concerns before starting the digital marketing mentoring program . Juan comes from the world of corporate communication where he has developed his entire career.
He has extensive experience, knows the business world, but when launching his own business ( Etxelaia , a house for tourist and vacation rental, and company events), he realized that he was missing the marketing “leg”, and especially digital marketing.
“We did things, but rather responding to impulses, to isolated actions without a well-structured plan.”
That is why he contacted me and we started working. The mentoring program has two parts: training and online mentoring sessions . The objective of the program is for the student to first learn the methodology and then apply it to his own company .
The training, which combines theory and practical cases, allowed him to learn the most important aspects of marketing and the methodology to define a strategy (basis to boost your business).

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With the digital marketing mentoring sessions I started by solving the doubts about the theoretical part, but, what is more important, I guided and validated each of the steps in the definition and tactical implementation of the strategy.
“Mentoring is allowing me to have a global vision of what a DE Phone Number strategy is, to understand it well, to be able to develop it and to concretize it in a well-defined action plan that helps me achieve my objectives.”Juan is finishing the program, and has managed to turn around an initial situation in which he was not very clear about the way forward. But the best thing is that he leaves you with his testimony so that he can tell you directly.
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