How we have changed: from the call to, …

It was recently my birthday. Given the changes in the way we communicate that we are living due to the development of the Internet, communication Turkey Phone Number List
, etc. I decided to do a little experiment and I wrote down where the congratulations came to me, to see if these changes had really reached my environment. The results are surprising on the one hand (if we think about how things were only 2-3 years ago), and on the other, normal due to the environment in which I move.

The most overwhelming data is that 59% reached me through Twitter (42%) and Facebook (17%).It is true that my birthday was during the week, so it is normal that the number of congratulations is in person is less than normal. In other circumstances Twitter and Facebook would not have so much weight, but it is still impressive, right?But beyond the data and my Internet profile , what conclusions / reflections can we draw from this?Radical change in the mix of communication channels . Until not so recently, it was normal for us to receive most of the congratulations in person and calls / sms and very few through the Internet (at that time, email). At the moment, communications by digital means have exploded and traditional methods are in decline. Realize that I have not left many years ago. If we go further back the change is incredible.


The multicanalidad is a reality: 3 Channel 9! And what remains for us to see. It is true that there are De Phone Number  that have practically disappeared (ordinary mail), but those that have been born are many more.Increase in the number of people with whom we have daily contact . At first email, and then social networks, microblogging, etc. they have caused this number to multiply.Quality of relationships : we have lost some of the “warmth” that was before. But in return we have increased the chances of meeting more people with tastes and hobbies similar to ours (more if we take into account websites such as,, etc.). Thanks to these “internet” relationships with people with interests similar to ours, great friendships emerge (I can attest to this!), New job opportunities, and so on.

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