How to use digital marketing in the crime novel

Since the Black Week of Gijón began its journey, many cities have signed up to the noir phenomenon : Pamplona Negra, Barcelona, ​​Getafe Negro, Aragón … It is a boom that recalls the famous Latin American literature that Gabriel led, among others García Márquez and Mario Vargas Llosa. In all European regions there are writers who have specialized in crime fiction. Have you always wanted to write or publish a suspense, mystery, police, psychological thriller or similar text ? Let’s go with it.

Before carrying out any digital Iceland Phone Number List campaign so that our novel reaches the maximum possible readership, we must have a good product, in this case an interesting and well-written book. In this regard, one can be self-taught or also attend one of the schools of writers that swarm in our country.

We will use different contributions and schools of writers that we summarize in these points.

1: Start with a strong paragraph or sentence, there is no excuse for a soft start. What do you think of this: “Come in! Ramírez, yesterday I was at the Panam’s club. I drank a lot and talked too much. Find out with whom and solve it.” Florenci Clavé in a novel that never finished.

2: That it is not very extensive, better 200 pages than 300. The plot and the characters are the important thing, not your boast of writer in blocks of 600 pages.

3: Be clear about the main plot of the novel. You have to get an agile story with a lot of action. Tell what has happened and why.

4: Forget about the accessory, all the elements have to be subject to the main plot.

5: The crime novel usually takes place in the underworld and the characters will be policemen, thieves, murderers, traffickers and other fur. Therefore, they must speak as they do not like literary ones.

6. Use literary devices such as metaphor, comparison, ellipsis, etc. If you don’t know what they are, read poetry and then get into the classics: Hammett, Chandler, Thompson, Lehane, Highsmith, and some pre-Transitional Spaniard like García Pavón or González Ledesma.

7: A good crime novel should not end well, or not very well. That the objectives of the protagonist are achieved at a high price. Remember that the important thing is to narrate how that conclusion is reached.

8. Do not go into very elaborate, confusing or complex plots, social criticism is more interesting.

9: Forget the supernatural element. It is not credible that a plot is solved by means of religious, spiritual or paranormal elements. A good crime novel must be real and seek the truth.

10: Right with the characterization of the characters including their psychological component, it is essential for a good crime novel, for this the narrator’s descriptions must be short, the long ones scare the reader away. Use the dialogues, that’s where the characters define themselves. Dialogues should be simple but that contribute to the story, with weight, use action verbs

To all this we would add what TS Elliot wrote about imagination, mainly because of the mental effort component: “Imagination, when forced to work within a very strict framework, must make the greatest effort, which will lead you to produce your best ideas. When you are offered total freedom, your work is likely to be washed out. ”

Surely we have devoted a lot of time and effort to writing the novel, well, now another hard road begins if we want our story to which we have put so much love to reach the people.

Let’s see how.

A: What is the target audience for the novel? You will have to search through social networks and blogs for those people interested in the theme of noir. Therefore, an investigation will be initiated on that target, write a list of websites and blogs on black gender. The same about pages and authors on Facebook as on Twitter, you have to find the influencers. The goal is for our book to be mentioned in those social tools. Interact with them (give the Like, comment on their publications and share what you consider appropriate).

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B: Use the appropriate and most followed hashtags about books and literature on social networks, you will have to first analyze which ones are related to crime fiction.

C: Publish a literal quote from your work, generate intrigue and desire for your story. Encourage your followers to leave a review if they have read your novel.

D: Of course share or retweet what is said about your novel on social networks (if they are positive, of course).

E: If you have any promotion, inform your followers and contacts about them. A savings is always good. It never hurts a contest where a copy of your crime novel is given away.

F: It publishes round results, that of “we have already sold a thousand copies …” or “the third edition of the novel is already on sale.”

G: Everything we write in the social tools that is with education and that generates empathy. Sometimes it costs, but let’s count to ten and then answer.

H: Give a brushstroke of your personal life, that always brings readers or future readers closer together.

I: Analyze your novel and extract the key points that you think may interest your potential readers. Sometimes the comments on those social tools can give us an idea of ​​what people are looking for in a good book. We check if our narrated story matches your wishes.

J: Publish a blog and give it valuable content, create relevant content, with your keywords, which is the surest way to achieve good SEO positioning and attract relevant visits. It would be like the business card on the Internet. It serves to generate expectation.

K: Contact other bloggers to get reviews of your novel.

L: Publish reviews of other books on your social networks and recommending, where appropriate, to your followers. Sometimes it is better to do that than to talk about your work.

M: How about an audiobook? Be careful that they are becoming fashionable and the big content brands are betting on them. It has the potential to reach a greater number of potential stakeholders (there are people who find it difficult to read); young audiences are more used to audiovisual than linear, that “laziness” that we attribute to them when approaching a novel, and finally, it is multitask, we can do something else while we follow the plot of the novel.

J: You have to control the plan. You are the best person to defend your work in all forums.

Winter, ideal for those mystery and suspense stories. This is our recommendation of authors that you can be inspired by.

The Swedish writer is one of the masters of the Nordic crime novel. His character Inspector Kurt Wallander is an antihero who solves cases while showing us the roads and landscapes of southern Sweden, the endearing city of Ystad and the not-so-idyllic Swedish society.

A book: The fifth woman
Precisely in the placid Ystad of the Scandinavian region three murdered men appear who led a quiet life dedicated to ornithology, orchids and poetry. Something is wrong and Kurt Wallander will face a fearsome assassin with great intelligence. For many it is the best novel in the Wallander series .

JO NESBO (1960)
We continue in the Scandinavian peninsula, worse now in Norway where Jo Nesbo with his relentless literature tricks us into not letting go until the end of each novel. The city of Oslo is the protagonist of several of his stories. The snow, the cold, the marginal characters and, of course, the strong and variable personality of Inspector Harry Hole make each plot read almost without breathing.

A book: Robin
Year 2000. As the snow melts on the streets of Oslo, a murderer enters the scene with a very special goal. For his part, Harry Hole is transferred to the citizen security police, where he is assigned the mission of verifying information about an arms trafficking network related to circles of old and new Nazis.

Arnaldur Indridason comes to us with force from Iceland and transmits us without fuss how it is a society that spends winter almost in the dark, he also shows us how crime lurks in Reykjavik . The harsh Icelandic landscapes full of ice and geysers are also part of the tale of the most widely read Icelandic writer today. His character the inspector Erlendur Sveinsson will not leave you indifferent.

A book: The Woman in Green
In this sensational novel, Indridason begins with the discovery of a human rib bone in an urbanization of Reykjavik, known as the Millennium Quarter. The investigation will try, among other things, to reconstruct what that place was like then, in the middle of World War II. Erlendur and his colleagues Sigurdur Óli and Elínborg, in full action.

The Scottish writer gives us a gift with each case of Inspector John Rebus, a professional fought with his superiors, who distills beer and whiskey through Edinburgh pubs, like his favorite the Oxford Bar. With Rebus we will walk along the Royal Mile passing through the Historic Edinburgh Castle all the way to the seat of the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood and gazing at the rugged landscape that dominates Rankin’s books. In another area, in the Leith neighborhood, with the imposing Firth of Forth bridge as a witness, various cases unfold that Rebus arranged by negotiating with local underworld bosses to the despair of his bosses.

A book: Black & Blue
On this occasion Ian Rankin takes us to the port city of Aberdeen and the world of oil rigs is the common thread of this magnificent plot.

The Sicilian writer Andrea Camilleri wraps the cases of the beloved commissioner Montalbano with fine humor, manners, social criticism and unforgettable characters; As a consequence of this, millions of readers are hooked on the various plots that unfold between steep and winding roads dotted with wild olive trees in southern Sicily.

A book: The smell of the night
We could have chosen any of the almost forty published in Spain in the Montalbano series because they are all very entertaining. In “The smell of the night” the action takes place in the autumn in Vigàta (an emblematic place where the protagonist has the police station) and he snoops in a strange case, as anomalous as that the corpse has not yet appeared, however the commissioner decides to investigate the disappearance of a financier and his assistant, who have looted half a town and its surroundings.
And from Magna Grecia we moved to the chaotic Greece that Petros Márkaris masterfully describes to us , who takes the disillusioned commissioner Jaritos as his guide to carry out a critique of current society. Jaritos works in Athens and in all his cases Márkaris takes the opportunity to describe the endless traffic jams in the Greek capital and an exhaustive description of the Athenian street map.

A book: So far we have come
The novel closes the trilogy that Petros Márkaris has dedicated to the devastating Greek crisis in which Athens is shown as a scene of suffering and poverty.

Commissioner Jaritos investigates the appearance of the body of Andreas Makridis, a German of Greek origin who had decided to settle in Athens and open a wind energy company. Although Makridis has reportedly committed suicide, a newly minted group, calling themselves the “Greeks of the 1950s,” claim his murder.

In France he is the new king of the novel noir. Pierre Lemaitre has no mercy on the reader and develops some disturbing stories that make us not take our eyes off the paper or the ebook screen. Paris and its surroundings are the scenes of the intrigues that Lemaitre proposes to us with his character, the commander Camille Verhoeven of the Criminal Brigade of the French capital. Discreet and meticulous, he only measures 1.45 centimeters, but with a character that frightens his collaborators.

A book: Irène
It is the first book by Pierre Lemaitre and its reading will fill us with admiration, unease and fear.

Commander Camille Verhoeven lives the perfect life: he is married to the wonderful Irène, with whom he is expecting his first child. But her happiness cracks after an unusually savage murder. The investigation turns into an intellectual duel, and a terrifying race against the clock.

The heir of Andrea Camilleri. The action of his novels takes place in the cold Aosta Valley, in northern Italy where the deputy chief Rocco Schiavone has been exiled from Rome. A personal tragedy is latent throughout the series that combines with a scathing and ironic character who often skips the legality with his Roman friends. The novels are very entertaining and the secondary characters do not leave anyone indifferent. A delight.

A book: The black track
The first book of the saga. The contrast of warm Rome with the cold and snow of the Aosta Valley. Crime on the ski slope and morning joint by Deputy Chief Rocco Schiavone. Town in which everyone knows each other and is related in some way. The reader will enjoy Schiavone’s inadaptability to the alpine environment.

Galician writer who in his three published works has aroused great devotion from his readers. With a simple writing he chisels his characters that swarm through the city of Vigo and its surroundings. Its main character is Inspector Leo Caldas, lonely, taciturn, he likes white wine, jazz and also speaks on the radio. The secondary ones also have their charm and the stories are tinged with that Galician and Atlantic melancholy.

A book: The last boat
We could have chosen any of the other two “Ojos de agua” or “La playa de los ahogados”. In the last book of the trilogy, it took Domingo Villar ten years to write it and it becomes a quiet plot in the middle of the Vigo estuary where a woman disappears. Short chapters, calm, but with a fast-paced ending.

A great discovery that of the Canarian writer. Truculent island stories masterfully narrated, in a Latin American boom plan, by Alexis Ravelo. His novels convey the paradox that the reader would enjoy a pleasant stay in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or Lanzarote, but at the same time would like to be away from those violent plots that take place under the warmth and corruption. Strong books from the islands.
A book: The blindness of the crab
Plot that takes place in Lanzarote under the halo of the artist César Manrique. Sergeant Fuertes follows the itinerary that his ill-fated partner made to find out about César Manrique. Criminal intrigue in paradisiacal settings with those blind crabs that live oblivious to reality.

Journalist and writer from Pamplona who is also the director of the Pamplona Negra Festival, one of the most important in Spain on this genre.
Susana Rodríguez Lezaun’s trilogy (“No return”, “Debts from the cold” and “I’ll see you tonight”) take place in Navarra and star Irene Ochoa and the inspector David Vázquez. His latest novel “A bullet with my name” is characterized by a galloping plot with very well crafted characters.

A book: No Return
The trilogy begins with this novel in which the police inspector David Vázquez investigates the mysterious and violent serial murders of several pilgrims in the first kilometers of the Camino de Santiago, in Roncesvalles. Promises, no?

The American writer has the great ability to write long books and make them short. His trilogy on drug trafficking between Mexico and the United States is simply masterful. A multitude of mixed stories, each one more interesting but without forgetting the main plot. Amena literature, without respite for the reader. Also tremendous “Police Corruption” that takes place in his native New York.

A book: El Cartel
Second work in the trilogy dedicated to drug trafficking on the border between Mexico and the United States. The first is “The power of the dog” and closes with “La Frontera.” In the Cartel Adam Barrera, head of the drug empire in Mexico (reminiscent of Chapo Guzmán) and Art Keller, DEA agent, cover the main plot in a colossal narrative.

For many people the great master of what is known as a crime novel. The North American writer is credited with the inclusion of the social question in this type of narration. Chandler’s style is ironic with caustic slants, especially in dialogue. Thanks to him, the crime novel rose to the step of great literature.

A book: The Long Goodbye
Several crimes take place in California high society that detective Philip Marlowe faces. In this mythical novel, the masterpiece of the black genre, it reflects on loyalty, friendship and love.

Inspector Harry Bosch will be one of the favorite characters of lovers of crime fiction. Veteran cop created by the incomparable writer Michael Connelly, an obsessive, sad, honest cop tired of how chasing bad guys is handled, and who practices in the gigantic city of Los Angeles. All of Connelly’s work is written in a rhythm that makes you can’t stop reading. Great secondary and original plots that sway next to the waves of the Californian sea.

A book: The two faces of the truth
Harry Bosch reveals the faces of drug trafficking and drug abuse. At the same time, a murderer who has been imprisoned for many years claims that Bosch prepared a montage against him and seems to have new evidence to prove it.

Analyze your novel and extract the key points that you think may interest your potential readers. Sometimes the comments on those social tools can give us an idea of ​​what people are looking for in a good book.
LEE CHILD (1954)
Although he is British whose real name is Jim Grant, we place him with the North American writers since his novels starring Jack Reacher have the United States as a secondary protagonist. Plots that leave you breathless and addictive. Stories of revenge, world of the North American army, rage, fights, bad guys, some good and a good time assured before excellent novels.

A Book: Danger Zone
First book in the saga of Jack Reacher, a former military policeman who is now roaming the United States, arrives in an average Georgia town and is found guilty of murder there. Do not miss what follows.

The Canadian writer delights us with the stories of Inspector Armande Gamache that take place in the province of Quebec. Careful, surprising plots, with characters who are emotionally disemboweled and who are thrown at the reader with enlightening, scathing and impactful dialogues. The main elements of his works are the impressive landscapes of Quebec, Montreal and the villas that line the great Saint Lawrence River. Always present in his novels the Franco DE Phone Number and Anglophile dichotomy of the Canadian province.

A book: The long way home
Someone does not return home after a year of absence to the idyllic Quebec town of Three Pines and Inspector Gamache and his friends undertake their search where the pictorial art and the sense of the landscape is the common thread. A jewel where suspense and psychological drama are combined.

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