How To Recognize Seo Scams Online: Mini Guide

In the last post i talked about why i don’t like guaranteed seo ads. In short. I believe that nothing is 100% certain and presenting seo as almost a miracle product is an unethical practice. That’s why it occurred to me to make a post with tips to recognize seo fraud on the internet. If you are looking for someone to position your website. Read on to learn how to avoid those suspicious offers. Signs to recognize seo fraud online 1 the price is too cheap as my mother says. Cheap is expensive. If an seo service seems very cheap. Compared to what others offer. There is reason to doubt the quality of the service. You will say that you have nothing to lose and that in the worst case you will stay the same. Lie. In the worst case you will find yourself with a penalty from google. I don’t want to give exact figures.

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But i would say that any seo that charges double coo email list per month is too cheap. 2 they claim to be “partners” of google implying that their clients are benefited by the almighty search engine. Google does not have that kind of partners and will never intercede to improve the natural positioning of any company since it would go against its policy. 3 they offer a free trial of their services seo is tedious and very involved. The process required to achieve results requires days of work. And no serious company is going to do this for free. Also. If in exchange for the “free trial” they ask you for things like access to your ftp or hosting. Imagine what they could do. 4 they do not disclose their seo techniques any seo company should be able to explain what they are going to do with your website to get it to rank high in google.

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Companies that refer to “secret techniques” or “trade secrets” are likely to use blackhat seo techniques that will get you punished by google at some point. 5 they ask for absolute control control over your website. Over your content… So that you end up being held hostage by DE Phone Number seo agency and if you decide to break up with them you can lose your page. Be aware of seo fraud and take care of who you hire. You can contact us . We will explain exactly how we work. I wish you a good day. These are the main differences between windows 10 and windows 8. Esthetic windows 10 returns to the classic aesthetics of windows. Especially when it comes to the menu. Menu windows 10 returns to the start menu. As we said before. Windows 8 did not have this possibility. Applications and media windows 10 bets again on the classic windows for applications. Neither the bar nor the home button disappears in version 10.

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