How to make a content plan for Social Networks

Social networks have become an essential tool for people and, therefore, for companies, which have detected the need to strengthen ties with their customers and to go in search of their potential customers in one of the places where the most time goes by. If you want to achieve results in the management of your social networks and not waste time or money, it will be necessary that you have a strategy and that is that a content plan for your social networks will be essential to optimize this strategy. Next, we explain how to make a content plan for Social Networks , are you going to miss it?
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And who are the professionals in charge of developing this plan? The Community Manager and the Social Media Manager . Two essential figures, in charge of designing and managing strategies in social networks, supported by the Social Media Marketing Plan.

What is a content plan?
Social networks have transformed the way in which brands communicate with users, breaking the barrier that separated them and providing them with an ideal platform to establish a one-to-one conversation. For this reason, brands no longer see RRSS only as a communication channel, but also as something that can help them sell.

For this reason, a Content Plan is needed, it is the guide or document that will help us to know what content we will publish on our channels in order to reach our audience and the objectives that we set for ourselves.

This plan will be our base document to be able to design, create and program the contents of our strategy . A document that will help you implement the content strategy of your social media marketing plan and will be essential to optimize results.

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Now that you are clear about what exactly it is and how it can help you, let’s see how you can make a content plan for social networks step by step. First of all, to carry out the plan, you need to analyze and invest time. Behind a social media content strategy there is a lot of work and, many times, the results are not immediate, this is important Austria Business Phone List to be clear about. It is necessary to do an exhaustive analysis if you want to carry out a quality content strategy, with which you get the results you want. Next, we explain all the steps you must take so that you can start with your plan.

First we will have to carry out an audit to know the situation of our brand and of the competitors. We must collect the current situation of our business or entity in social networks and that of our competition. Therefore, an internal and external audit will be carried out .

It is about checking the situation of the company or brand in social networks, with respect to the competition. This analysis offers us a photo of our current situation and in this way, we can choose the appropriate content and thus optimize our presence on social networks. To carry out the internal analysis of our networks, we must make a report collecting all the data of our presence in networks:
What social networks are you on, what is your positioning, what problems prevent you from positioning yourself in front of your competition, what is your frequency of publication, what are the contents with the most engagement, when do we have more interaction …

To carry out this analysis we can use the analytics offered by the social networks themselves, or have external tools that will help us obtain a more exhaustive analysis.

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We will have to identify who our competitors are and also collect the data of their presence in social networks.

What social networks is your competition on, what is their frequency of publication, what content is working for them …

The previously performed audit will help us to prepare the SWOT analysis in social media. Before starting to make your content plan for social networks, you should carry out this analysis.

The social media SWOT analysis will be essential to develop our plan.

What points should you analyze to prepare your SWOT?
WEAKNESSES Analyze the reasons behind the problems you have identified in the audit. For example: a weakness may be the staff’s lack of experience in social media, or the lack of resources or tools to create content for networks.

Based on your internal analysis, analyze what you do better than your competition , what is your differentiator. For example DE Phone Number : u na strength may be high in social media preparation of personnel and have resources to implement actions on social networks.

Based on your external analysis, analyze why your competition does better than you, identify the obstacles that prevent your business from moving forward. For example: it could be the high preparation in social media of the competition, compared to the low preparation of our staff or the social media strategies of our competitors.

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We will analyze if the market our brand works for is growing . We must also identify if it satisfies the need of our public or client. And also, if there are factors that favor our presence in social networks. For example: it could be that no competing company has taken advantage of the potential of a certain social network with which we could reach our target audience. If the competition has not been fast, it is our opportunity to be the first to launch a social media strategy.

Therefore, in this SWOT analysis it will be essential to know our company and business model very well , but also our competitors. And with good management we must turn our weaknesses into opportunities.

Define your buyer persona
Once the audit and the SWOT have been carried out, we must identify our Buyer Person . In other words, our ideal client. The more we get to know our client or user of our services or products, the easier it will be to reach them.

Ideally, you make a file imagining that person you are addressing: what they are like physically, what dreams or aspirations they have, what their educational level is, their economic level … Make a stereotype of your ideal client. This analysis will help you when preparing content . You will be able to better analyze what type of content you want, with what language you will reach that person, tone and you will even be able to know in which social network you should publish that content, the best time of publication …

Choose social networks
It is not about being in all of them, but about choosing the most appropriate social networks for our business or brand. Choosing the right social networks for companies will be essential to reach our audience and achieve our goals. The basis will be to carry out the previous analysis, which will help you choose the appropriate social network to reach your audience.

Define objectives
The social media objectives of our plan will also mark the content that we must design. Being very clear about the objectives we want to achieve with the content strategy will be essential.

Our objectives must be SMART : specific, measurable, achievable and relevant.

Specific: What? : We must specify the objectives clearly. The more specific you are, the better.
Measurable: How much? When establishing the objective, we must bear in mind that this objective must be measured in order to evaluate it. If we cannot measure it, it is useless.
Achievable: How? : We must define realistic objectives. For this reason, knowing our current situation and that of the competition will be essential. This analysis will help us set realistic and achievable social media goals.
Relevant: With what ?: Although we define a specific, measurable and achievable objective, if it is not focused on what our business needs, it does not serve us either.
Determined time: When? : And of course, these objectives will have to have a date for their achievement. It is necessary to establish a term, a certain time for the social media objective.

“Increase our website traffic by 10% in 3 months”
“Sell 30 places in course X within 2 months”.
The objectives that we identify for our social networks are normally related to : web positioning, branding / visibility, leads, conversions …

Content strategy
After taking all the steps that we have been seeing, now is the time to start defining the strategy and the actions that you are going to carry out. For your content strategy to be effective, it will be necessary that you first analyze all the aspects that we have seen.

We will have to define what strategy we are going to implement (launch, visibility, trust, positioning, promotion, expansion…). And also, what social media actions will help us achieve those goals.

Dissemination and promotion plan
Our content plan must also be accompanied by a dissemination and promotion plan. It is important as we have seen: analyze, design the content strategy, create, schedule and publish, but we must not forget about promotion.

To design this plan we can have paid media (Ads, banners, sponsorships …) or our own media ( blog , landing page, newsletter …). You can also count on free resources that will help you increase the visibility of these contents. For example, press releases, forums, specialized groups, news aggregators, guest posts …

The most recommended thing is that if you have a budget, you can design a dissemination plan that combines different ways of promoting content: paid and your own. If you do not have a budget, design a dissemination plan with your own free media to help you promote your content, and thus increase their visibility.

It is very important that your strategy has a measurement section. If you do not measure, you will not know if the content you have designed is helping you achieve the objectives set. Therefore, take into account, in addition to analyzing and defining strategies and tactics, how you are going to measure the content. That is, what metrics are you going to use and the KPIS with which you are going to measure the effectiveness of your content plan.

This measurement will be the basis of your strategy. If you are investing time and money in analyzing, designing and creating content that then does not convert, it will not do you much good. If we don’t measure, we won’t be able to improve. Therefore, analyze, measure and if necessary, make adjustments and optimize your plan to get content that really helps you achieve your goals.

Making a content plan for your social networks requires time, analysis and a lot of work. But without a doubt, it will be the basis for your social media strategy to work. Starting to manage social networks without performing this analysis is a blindfold, which translates into loss of time and money. If we want to bet on a professional presence that converts, this analysis and content design will be necessary.

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