How to learn SEO without dying in the attempt

Are you interested in learning SEO but don’t know where to start? We are going to go straight to the point through a small guide so that you can see with some perspective the steps to learn about this exciting discipline. We will mainly focus on Google as it is the most used search engine. Of course, like all good learning, it will be necessary to dedicate time to it .

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First steps to learn SEO from scratch
Official Google Documentation
Have a website or make it
Learn the elements and technologies of a web
Other resources and sources to learn SEO for free
Twitter and LinkedIn / Slide Share
Congresses and meetups
First steps to learn SEO from scratch

I take as a basis that you have a voracious interest in becoming a good SEO, that you like the web world, digital marketing and, ultimately, tinkering to get to appear in the top positions. If so, the adventure begins!
Official Google Documentation
Yes, you do not have to pay anything to know the good practices recommended by Google and understand how the search engine works.

Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization
First of all, I recommend you access and download this mythical guide (which almost all of us have gone through) to begin to better understand the recommendations that Google proposes within a web page. In its day, I had even printed it to be able to underline and make notes. Very useful for a first contact.

Online version of the guide
You can also access the online version from the Search Console help center where the good practices to be carried out for the different Turkey Phone Number List aspects of SEO on a website are also described.
Many of the mistakes that are made at the beginning can be avoided by reading the basic guides that Google provides.
How Google Search Works
The previous document is already a few years old, so I advise you to read updated information about how Google works. I would also recommend looking for concepts on crawling and indexing or keyword analysis. This page is perfect for learning SEO for free, getting to know Googlebot and the above concepts.

Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines
This is the guide that Google provides to evaluators (that is, real people) to “score” search results when there is an algorithm update.
It is important to be aware of this information because if your content is about the health niche, for example, and Google begins to be more restrictive on the subject to avoid fraud, you will surely have to adapt to its rules so as not to fall into the SERPs.
Have a website or make it
Today, thanks to CMS or content managers, it is not complicated at all to make a web page. The best known and recommended, especially for its versatility when it comes to practicing SEO techniques, is WordPress.

And why are you going to get into making a website now? Well, basically to put into practice what you are reading in the guides. Practicing is how you gain experience and lose the fear of doing certain things, such as modifying meta titles , meta descriptions , registering the domain in a Google property … And, of course, learning SEO step by step based on mistakes. Because yes, we all commit them and that is where we learn the most, so it is better to do them with the web in production.

Doing SEO is not theorizing, it is experimenting. Hence the importance of practicing what you are learning and, above all, of creating a work methodology.
At this point, I recommend what I did in his day: create a local website to “play” as much as you want without making a mess.

You can use Flywheel , a simple program to be able to carry out the web installations you need on your computer very easily.

Turkey Phone Number List

Learn the elements and technologies of a web
You don’t have to be a programmer to study SEO, but you do need to know the elements that make up a web page (headers, metadata, text, images, domain name, frames, …), as well as the different technologies with which they can be made (html, css, java scrip, progressive web app , https….).

Here are some interesting links for this task:

Starting with HTML + CSS

Tutorials with visual examples and codes to practice

You may wonder why you need to know code if, totally, with WordPress and plugins you already have it. Well, I’m sorry to tell you that that’s not the philosophy.

As a future good SEO you must know how a website has been created and thus try to discover problems in the code and propose solutions. You can even scrape webs to get useful information if you know what a div , a class, a selector, JS Path or XPath is, among other concepts.

Other resources and sources to learn SEO for free

While you begin to discover the first concepts when considering SEO on a web page, you can look at other sources of information that will make you understand how to apply them in a more practical and enjoyable way.

Without a doubt, the fastest and most direct source to learn SEO from scratch and for free is YouTube channels. Here are some:

SEO web positioning of the Luís M Villanueva channel.
One of the benchmark SEOs in the sector, whose contribution of value consists of explaining practical work methodologies, conducting experiments with the aim of verifying the truth behind the theories and conducting interviews with professionals in the sector .

SEO concepts, methodologies and interviews from the Webpositer channel.
It is another of the channels through which I have learned different concepts and practices. Concepts are explained clearly and in a very didactic way .

SEO for beginners from the Romual Fons channel.
I recommend that you try to replicate the tricks or methodologies of the videos to gain fluency and apply them to your project.
Perhaps he is the most charismatic DE Phone Number communicator in the SEO world because of his way of explaining concepts and strategies that he puts into practice.

It is more focused on niches, but of course you can get a lot of good ideas from your channel.
Here there are a lot of options, but we leave you some of the most common in the sector so that you can be updated:

Webmaster Central Blog

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Roundtable

Search Engine Whatch

Moz – Blog

Deepcrawl – Blog

In recent years, the power of podcasts has been expanding to all areas of the marketing sector. And to learn web positioning it was not going to be less. Here are some so you can listen to them in your day to day:
Emilio García Web Camp
A great podcast full of interviews with professionals in the sector about how they work in their day to day. Emilio also reflects on different topics, current affairs and SEO experiments.

Andrés Kloster’s SEO machine
It is entirely about interviews with SEO professionals from both Spain and Latin America.
Paradisers of Marketing Paradise (that is, we… hehe)
Where all the members of the team explain doubts about the specialty of each one, always in a friendly and close way.

Planeta M , aweekly gathering of digital marketing
With professionals from the sector chatting about concepts and experiences of their day to day.

Twitter and LinkedIn / Slide Share
It is important to follow the SEO news in networks , more than anything because Google updates its algorithm every two by three and in some way it may be affecting the rankings of the websites. For this, what better social network than Twitter thanks to the speed of the transmission of information to keep abreast of everything. Also, so you can stay up to date with new tools, tricks or tips.

National SEO Twitter accounts:
Iñaki Huerta

Fernando Macia

Juan gonzalez

Alvaro Pena

Lakil Essady

MJ Cachón

Natzir Turrado

Sergio simarro

Linen Uruñuela

LM Villanueva

International SEO Twitter Accounts:
John mu

Google Webmasters

Matt cutts

Barry schwartz

Rand fishkin

Aleyda Solis

Gary illyes

Regarding LinkedIn when it comes to learning SEO positioning, it is very useful not only because it is a social network to establish contacts at a professional level, but because it integrates Slide Share . On this platform, many professionals upload and share their presentations in order to access them for free . We leave you some very interesting examples, although with somewhat more advanced topics:

A 4 piece puzzle called SEO

Pages, the black hole of indexing – Clinic Seo

Keep indexing seoplus19

Data Studio to the Rescue – SEonthebeach 2019

Take advantage of the presentations that the speakers upload to their Slide Share. Keep in mind that they are sharing high quality information… for free!
Congresses and meetups
Without a doubt, the best way to network and meet the professionals you follow in person.

Some of the most relevant national conferences are Professional SEO Congress , SEOnthebeach, SEO Salad, SEO Clinic, Eshow or Pro Marketing Day.

On the other hand, there are meetups , which are meetings, whether they are training or leisure. You can enter the web or download its application to join different groups, because there are many SEO groups among them. Interesting talks are organized every month that you can sign up for, and many of them are totally free.


It is another resource where you can learn a lot, from interviews to practical exhibitions . The vast majority are done through YouTube or Hangout, so they are almost always recorded for the community. Here are the most relevant ones, among which the Webmaster tools channel itself stands out where  and collaborators speak:

SEMrush official channel in Spanish

Official Google Webmasters channel

Official channel of SEO Ministry

I hope all these tips on how to learn SEO online help you. Above all, because they have brought back many memories of how I started. And, if it helps you get started in any way, I’ll be even more happy. And you, where do you study SEO? Do you have any source that is your particular Bible? We want to know it!

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