How to insert a tweet to illustrate our blog?

A recurring question when discussing blogging in training courses is how to include a selected tweet within a web page or blog.

Although until now many continue to take screenshots Portugal Mobile Database  and insert it as if it were a photograph, Twitter gives us the possibility of embedding it directly through a code.

How can we get the code of a specific tweet? In a very simple way.

We will only have to select the tweet and click at the bottom on “Details”

If the tweet contains a link, we will click on “multimedia content” and then on “Details”.

Again at the bottom will appear “Insert this tweet” if we press it, the code that we must insert in the blog will appear

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And this would be the result:

A great advantage is that since it is not a photograph, the links Brother Cell Phone List  that appear in the tweet will be active, so that the reader can directly enter the news, photo or video that we have shared.

An icon that links to our Twitter account also appears if the tweet we have selected is ours or that of the user to whom the inserted tweet belongs.

A quick and perfect way to illustrate our posts.

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